TEXT: Zechariah 4:6-7

The more I study seals, the more I tremble. There are people that carry the type of seal that if you want to help them, you will be attacked. There are people that carry evil seal, if they come in your area of influence, everything changes. You cannot help anybody beyond the seal the person is carrying. You cannot help people beyond the level the person is ready to be helped.There are times you do certain things and you get the best result. Any action is like a seed if it is sown in its season, it will produce bountiful result. That’s when the best harvest will be produced. One of the highest seeds anyone can produce is the seed of prayer, the seed of the word of God. The seed of prayer breaks the seal of Lucifer. It is in the place of prayer that you break every evil seal. There are people  whose destinies are already sealed this year, but in the place of prayer you destroy that evil seal. There are people carrying the evil seal of limitation, it is in the place of prayer that the seal of limitation is shattered and broken. God told us to write 20 prayer requests and some people are finding it difficult to write 20 prayer requests. Does it mean they don’t have what to write? It is not that they don’t have but it’s just that they don’t know their needs. That’s why we need to engage the Holy Spirit to open our eyes. If morning begins the day you can imagine how January begins the year. If the morning defines the day you can imagine how the first part of the year will define the year. This is an opportunity to sow and sow. I tell you that there are three times in a year that I double my prayer effort. These are: the beginning of the year, the middle of the year and the end of the year. It is easy to be selfish in the place of prayer. May the Holy Spirit guide us to the areas that our prayer can cover in this meeting so that we can strategically pray as far as the realm of the spirit is concerned. It is not easy to know what to pray neither is it easy to know how to pray. That’s why the apostles of Jesus told him “Master, teach us how to pray”. They didn’t ask him to teach them how to do miracle. 

Zechariah 4:6-7. Engaging the Holy Spirit in our prayer. Holy Spirit is God. In the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit is the third person. He is not an influence, He is not a force. He has influence and He has power. He is a person. May we never forget that. And it is until we discover him as a person, we will be thinking that he is very far away. He is our greatest source of spiritual energy, our greatest source of strength, our greatest source of wisdom, our greatest source of empowerment. “Not by power nor by might but by my SPIRIT”, sayeth the Lord”.  There are many times we don’t know what to pray, a times we don’t even know how to pray. But see what the Holy Spirit does for us. Read Romans 8:26

Let it be one of your action points this year that you did not do last year. That this year you will pray in tongues as you have not done before. If you do that, great mountains will become plain. Look at that mountain standing before Zerubabel. It is not by power and not by might. The mountains will skip before you get there. It will dissolve before you get there. Every child of God has potentials, unutilized potentials. Some of them will not be utilized till they get to heaven. Then you will discover how much you would have achieved if you had engaged the Holy Spirit in your spiritual warfare and in your day to day activities. Let’s look at some of the things Holy Spirit will do for you if you engage Him. 
1. He will teach you. He will teach you things that you don’t know, but he knows. He knows the way. He will teach you to pray. You open your mouth,He will fill it. You will speak mysteries that no one can decode, not even the devil can. By the way, he travels by the frequency of heaven so you connect. You are praying according to the very will of God through this connection. That is why praying in tongues is very effective in uprooting mountains, and you don’t miss it because you pray according to the will of God. So this is one of the secrets of sweatless victories. Make up your mind and pray in tongues this year.  If you are not baptized in the Holy Spirit, desire it. Come, one of the Thursdays and tell me that I am not baptized and I will pray for you. You will be baptized. There are some battles you cannot fight, until you get connected to the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to flow through you. Out of the belly shall flow rivers of living waters. Anywhere the river flows, there will be transformation. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of transformation. When the world was about to be created, the Holy Spirit brood over the surface of the earth. It was after the Holy Spirit moved that the word ‘let there be light’ came. And the light was created. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of creation. You will literally recreate your world by allowing the Holy Spirit move. And the move of the spirit is unstoppable, no witch, no power can stop it.


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