If you have ever eaten in the dream, it maybe witchcraft manipulation and contamination.


  • Let the purifying fire of the Holy Ghost cleanse my body, soul and spirit from any form of witchcraft contamination, demonic caterers, agents of pollution, agents of defilement, agents of darkness, and agents of limitation in the name of Jesus. Thank you heavenly Father.
  • If you are having strange visitations, lift up your hands and receive your deliverance. Let the power of God come upon you and deliver you from the strongman of evil visitation in the name of Jesus. I use the power in the name of Jesus to declare your total liberation from evil fetters and evil cords in the name of Jesus. Receive Holy Ghost empowerment in the name of Jesus to walk in dominion. You will no longer be at the receiving end of your enemy in the name of Jesus. You will chase your pursuers and overwhelm them by the thunder of God’s power in the name of Jesus.
  • I use the power in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, God’s son to receive cleansing from all the power of ancestral idolatry and pollution in Jesus name. You power of ancestral idolatry, I declare my comprehensive dominion over you by the power of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

If you are here and you have observed any evil family pattern and you are afraid it may happen to you, today is your day of total liberation. What the devil uses to enforce evil seal is evil covenants. Your miracle is now. You are going to dismantle and destroy every form of evil covenant. Some of you are still sending money to people who use it to fortify evil covenants and service idolatry releasing demons that have been in existence hundreds of years before you were born. The agreements never favoured your ancestors, how can they favour you? I came into ministry through intercession, praying for people with long standing challenges. I discovered that behind almost every long standing issue, there was a demonic spirit. If you can get lost in the presence of God and call down the fire of God you will be completely delivered. It is written “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered” Joel 2:32.


  • Heavenly Father send down your fire of total liberation to separate me from every evil associated with my past. Let the fire of your presence liberate me from evil covenants that I have entered into, or that were entered into on my behalf by whosoever, at whatsoever time in the name of Jesus. If the son of man shall set me free, I am free indeed in the name of Jesus. Lift up your hands, let the anointing for freedom, let the power and the fire of total liberation burn. Let it set you free from the curse of your father’s house, from evil shrines, evil pattern and evil familiar spirit. You are free indeed. By the power in the blood of Jesus, by the power that resurrected Jesus from the grave, you are free indeed. The snare is broken and your soul has escaped. I declare your jubilee from evil pattern in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.

Celebrate Jesus!


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