operation 18:18


TEXT: 1 JOHN 2:20


  • Let’s celebrate the grace of God throughout this period of operation 18-18. We thank God for keeping our world in perfect peace from the 18th of Dec. to 18th of Jan. Lord, it can only be you. Thank you for being our prince of peace. Thank you for peace in our body, soul, spirit, homes, fellowship, nation, peace all round. We celebrate you, we honour you, we reverence you, we give you all the glory. You alone are worthy to be praised from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same. Blessed be your name.
  • Let’s appreciate and celebrate God, reverence and honour Him. He is our ally. He is our Father, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, the Omniscience God. He has been good to us, answering all our prayers. He is more than enough, He is the all sufficient God. From January to December, He remains God. None can be compared with Him. Lord we thank you, you are absolutely awesome. We say thank you for your goodness, and your faithfulness. He is our covenant keeping God. Thank you Father. What a wonderful privilege to have you as our Father. Thank you for access to your throne. Thank you Father for how you have planned this. Blessed be your name in the name of Jesus.

Nobody can afford to be on the fence. You need to stand on the rock and declare your stand. That is what Christianity has always been. Christianity is a very bold faith, it was never a “dancing” faith. Jesus Christ was a radical, He was never a compromiser, neither was He a pessimist. He spoke truth to power. Truth does not need to dance, it does not need anything to stand on to be relevant. Truth can stand on its own. Truth is consistent and it is clear. One thing with truth is that you either accept it or leave it but truth will eventually prevail over every form of deception. This is a time Christians should not sit on the fence. God will not allow us to be on the fence. Those who are on the fence will become irrelevant. No one can afford to be on the fence. If the devil is throwing things at you to distract you, you should be the one that will say, “I am not going to be distracted, I set my face like a flint; I know where I am going”. You need to consolidate your relationship with God on daily basis, it is from there that power and anointing will flow. Everyday, your connection, consecration and consolidation have to be very strong. Any type of success that can take you out from the presence of God is poison and you will do well to reject it. Know when to say no! you should not accept everything. It is not every open door that is God’s door, some are Satan’s trap. This is the time to work by divine signals. Your attitude should be “God, if you are not in it, I have no business with it”. This should be the heart cry of everyone who wants to walk with God not only this year but the years beyond. We have entered another decade, that’s why this operation 18-18 is an operation 18-18 of a decade. We are set on restructuring foundation so that when the storm comes, we will stand. Our ship will be like the ark of Noah, and it will not sink. The storm that sinks other ships will lift yours in Jesus’ name.


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