Anyone who wants to see the hand of God should learn to declare what God is doing. Elijah did not wait to see the rain before he started declaring it; all he saw was a finger of cloud that appeared and he proclaimed that it was going to rain (1 Kings 18:44-45). Don’t hide it! Don’t be a fire extinguisher! Blow it, as long as it is God and you will be amazed how God will multiply His miracles and give you more testimonies.

2. Use the key of sacrificial giving and service in God’s kingdom. Despite the fact that giving has been overemphasized, it is still a very wonderful and potent key. It is not about money; giving is not limited to money. Prov. 19:17 says, “He that hath pity on the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” Giving is living. The principle of God is not in accumulation for personal aggrandizement; this is the principle of the world. The principle of God’s kingdom is the principle of flowing out; touching lives, making things happen in the lives of others. God is interested in the well being of the less privileged; so when He is empowering you, financially for instance, he is not just thinking about you; He is thinking about others, He is thinking about you being an extension of His hand of healing and benevolence. There are people who die just because they are too poor to live; your intervention in their situation can save their lives. There are so many people in hospitals who don’t even have money to buy drugs and whose lives are at stake as a result. In the same vein, when God, for instance, is giving you the power dimension of the Holy Spirit that comes in the form of fire, He is not thinking about you, He is thinking of others.

When the Holy Spirit anointed my hand with fire in 1985, I didn’t really understand it, but it was there, all I knew was that I was told not to use it then. Now I understand why he gave me that instruction. I was not ready! It was not until seven years later that the fire returned. By that time, I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, by that time, I had done water baptism by immersion. By that time I had studied the Bible and was well established in the word of God. That was when the fire came back and this ministry began. Back then, I didn’t know why the Lord put it in my heart to be going out to pray for people in need; something in me was just empty until I had touched somebody’s life. When I left for Church on Sunday mornings, I had no idea of when I would return because after the normal Church service, that was when the healing service began and I had no control of when it would be over, but that was my fulfillment.

When God empowers you, it is not for your personal aggrandizement; He is thinking about others; He is putting that fire in you not just for yourself, yes, the fire will offer you personally a healing service. The beautiful thing about walking with God is that God is not a user dumper; your life gets better, what flows through you blesses you first. I used to have an attack of acute malaria every week. It was so bad that the doctor that was treating me prescribed ‘daraprin’ also known as Sunday Sunday medicine to me and asked me to be taking it every five days instead of the normal eight days. I found it difficult to accurately calculate the five days so it became difficult for me to adhere strictly to the prescription, and the attack became more frequent. But since the fire of the presence of God returned (1992), malaria was put to flight. What flows through you blesses you first. If you are a channel of blessing, there is no how you will not be blessed.


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