operation 18:18


  • Give thanks on behalf of Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l for:
  • God’s grace in sustaining an unbroken prayer network since December 25, 2008;
    • His faithfulness and loving kindness towards members and their families;
    • The visible and invisible battles He has fought and won for us;
    • The tangible demonstration of the power of His outstretched hand in our lives and in the Fellowship;
    • Frustrating all the schemes of the enemy (secret and open);
    • Sweatless victories;
    • Open doors (both national and international);
    • Miracles, signs and wonders;
    • Manifest blessings of open heavens;
    • Conversion of souls and transformation of lives;
    • Manifestation of gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit;
    • Wonderful healings and deliverances;
    • Increase, multiplication and dominion;
    • Fruitfulness, answered prayers and testimonies;
    • Excellent spirit in our children (Champions);
    • Lifting us and not allowing our enemies triumph over us;
    • The fire of His presence in our meetings;
    • His marvelous plans for us; etc
  • Confess Psalm 65.
  • With Psalm 51 and 139:23-24, repent of your personal sins and that of every member of Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l.
  • Use Neh. 9:28-32 and Jer. 14:20-22 to repent identificationally with respect to the sins of members of the fellowship.
  • Renounce every claim of idolatry over your life and members of Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l.
  • Let the power of the Almighty utterly destroy every pre-conversion predisposition of the members of the fellowship in Jesus Name.
  • Pray: “Heavenly Father, make it impossible for me to satisfy any carnal appetite that will rob me of my eternal inheritance in Jesus Name”. Now, pray same for every member of Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l.


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