(Day 15C) Covenant of divine protection and preservation


You are a transformer of your environment, a transformer of your world. That is why we are still here. Your Christianity becomes impactful. When people see you, they will notice and testify that something is different about you. This shall be your testimony in Jesus name. The difference will be clear. Your evangelism will be sweet. People will come to you and ask for the secret of your success and joy. And then you will point them to Jesus. Jesus makes the difference. Fall in love over and over again with him. Spiritual maturity is not in title, it is not in age, it is not even in the number of years you have been in the Lord. It is in falling in love over and over again with Jesus, the essence and the substance of our lives. Heaven will begin with you. There is nothing down here that will mean anything to you because you are already translated; you are only an ambassador to your home country, heaven.

Most people do not really understand the meaning of the word love. There are various dimensions of love, the one that most people know today is ‘Eros’ from where you get the word erotic – the love between a man and a woman. What they practice today is even a bastardized version of love which is lust. Where is agape, God’s type of love? The love that lifts. The love that wants to bestow upon you that which is ultimately beneficial. The love that is selfless. If you are a true lover of Jesus, you will be a true worshipper. God’s standard for love is not ninety-nine percent; it is with all your heart and might – one hundred percent. Thereafter, you love your neighbour as yourself. That is the summary of the ten commandments.

Pray –

  • Repent of all your selfishness. When most people go to God, they are actually looking for a God to use not a God to fall in love with, not a God to worship. This is the greatest undoing of modern man that goes to Church.
  • Lord, please help me. I want to mean real business with you this year. Help me to love you in the truest sense of that word. Put your love in my heart. Help me to love you above every other thing in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, help me. I acknowledge that I have been selfish. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I give my heart afresh to you. Search my heart, is there anything that I have placed above you or side by side you? Today, Lord, I throw it away. I elevate you above every other thing in my heart.
  • Lord, grant me the grace to always love you above all else in the name of Jesus. Let your standard for love, O God, be actualized in my life in the name of Jesus. Give me the heart of love.
  • Help me O God. Remove far from me anything that hinders me from giving you my best. I surrender my heart to you. I surrender my life to you and I declare that I love you. Help me, O God, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Help me to keep your word. Help me to tremble at your word. Grant me the grace to walk with you. Preserve my soul. Preserve my goings in the name of Jesus. I declare that I belong to you forever.
  • Through the greatness of your power, Lord, sustain me. I declare that because you are in control, nothing shall go wrong. Let my love for you be progressive in the name of Jesus. Thank you blessed Father, in Jesus name.


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