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Blessings of Obedience

The Bible says if you will fully obey all the commandments of the Lord your God, these are the blessings that will follow you. May these blessings begin to follow you right from now: –

  • Blessings in the city, blessings in the field, blessings of many children. Blessings of ample crops, large flock and herds. Blessings of food and bread. Blessings when you come in; blessings when you go out.
  • The Lord will defeat your enemies before you. The Lord will bless you with good crops and healthy cattle.
  • You will prosper in everything you do. The Lord will transform you into a holy person dedicated to him in the name of Jesus. Receive the transformation anointing. The Lord transforms you this day and makes you an agent of transformation in the name of Jesus.
  • All the nations will see that you belong to the Lord and they will stand in awe in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Receive the commanded blessings of abundance of good things.
  • The Lord will open his wonderful treasury of rain and pour you his blessings in the name of Jesus. He will bless everything you do.
  • You shall lend to many nations and you shall not borrow. He will make you the head and not the tail in the name of Jesus. You will always have the upper hand.
  • From this day, you will be defeat those who come against you in the name of Jesus. They will flee before you. Your enemies will always be under for you to be over. You will be above only and never beneath in the name of Jesus.
  • Reign in the midst of your enemies. You are blessed beyond curse in Jesus name.

Heb. 5:7b

“And God heard his prayers because of his strong desire to obey God at all times” (TLB). Receive this desire.

  • From today, may your desire be to obey God at all times in the name of Jesus.
  • All your prayer requests will become prayer answered. While you are still calling, he will answer. You are blessed in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. There shall be no more curse in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I bring all these declarations under the cover and power of the precious blood of Jesus. I dedicate the trophies to you, Lord, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
  • Thou shall increase our greatness and comfort us on every side. We the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. We shall yet bear fruit in old age to show that the Lord is upright and there is no unrighteousness with Him.

Father, let your goodness and mercy follow us everywhere we go in Jesus name. Amen!

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