Sunday service


No matter the array, configuration, and network of evil forces against you, if you learn how to hand over the battle to God, you will discover that nobody can fight better than him. God does not lose in any battle. Many times we take on more than we should thinking that we can do it on our own.

There is wisdom in handing over the battles to God. His name is Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of hosts; Lord of host of heaven as well as the Lord of host of hell. No power can battle with him. Learn to hand over your battles to God. When you are surrounded by battles that seem to be overwhelming, learn to hand them over to God. Are you a true child of God? Learn to run to your heavenly Father and hand over the battles to him. Hand over to God every challenge facing you. Hand over every goliath that has arisen against the purpose of God for your destiny. Hand over every mountain blocking you. Hand over everything that makes you panic – any strongman that has come to neutralize your efforts and rubbish your testimony.

Pray –

  • Lord, I hand over all my battles to you. You are the Lord, mighty in battle, God of Israel. You can never fail. You are too faithful to fail. I hand that problem, issue and challenge over to you. Lord, plead my cause with them that strive with me, fight against them that fight against me. Take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for my help.
  • O God, who makes great things happen, avenge me of all my adversaries. Make my enemies fail in everything they do. Have your way in my life and give me resounding victories over the array of forces against your purpose for my destiny. Thank you mighty God, in Jesus name.

After handing over the challenge to God, ensure that you leave it in His hands.

One of the greatest mistakes anyone can make is to align against the righteous power of heaven. Some people actually do it out of carelessness. The Lord will fight for us and we shall hold our peace in the name of Jesus.


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