TEXT: Psalm 27 & 91


  • Lord I have come to seek your face, grant me the grace to find you. Reveal yourself to me. Draw me closer to you. Grant that I will not go empty.
  • Father please help me, I desire to know you more. I want to be at the center of your will for my destiny. I look up to you from whom all blessings flow.
  • I ask you to help my weaknesses and cover up my nakedness. Help me, clothe me through the blood of Jesus Christ with the garments of salvation, righteousness, majesty and strength.
  • Help me oh Lord to be heavenly minded all the days of my life. I look up to you from whom all blessings flow. Work out your plans for my destiny and show us your merciful loving kindness.
  • Do not allow me to be deceived or distracted. Do not allow me oh Lord to miss your mark but in holiness and righteousness establish me in Christ Jesus. Help me to walk hand in hand with you so that your purpose will be fulfilled in every facet of my life. Where others miss it, help me to be spot on as you establish us in a way that will surprise everybody.
  • When you are coming to take your own, do not leave me behind in the name of Jesus. Thank you blessed lord, I give you praise, I lift my hands to you and I depend on you. It is through you I shall do valiantly. Guide me through the skillfulness of your hand till I become all you want us to be and accomplish all you want me to accomplish, and leave nothing undone that I should do according to your purpose for my life.
  • I have not walked this path before that is why I depend on you. Lord guide and shield me in the name of Jesus. Uphold and strengthen me supernaturally until I become all you want me to become. Let your glory burst forth from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same in every area of my life. For you have spoken in your holiness, I will rejoice in Jesus’ name. Amen.

It is my desire to be a good and perfect finisher. It is always better to finish stronger than you started. Operation 18/18 is one of the best strategies that God gave us. Please make the most of it, mean business with God. Start the year with the Lord, then finish on a most resounding note of celebration. Any miracle can take place this season. God is not stingy, just fulfill your part of His requirements in His word. He will certainly magnify his name in your life to the amazement of people. This is the secret according to Psalm 34:5 “They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.” Align with God and you will be a light that will shine. As long as you align, no power can stop you from shining. The world is looking for the manifestation of the sons of God. God is waiting for your alignment and you will not fail Him in your generation in the name of Jesus.


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