Sunday service


The fresh oil of the Holy Spirit is for transformation; when God is transforming you, he is transforming you from better to best. His leading is from glory to glory and the only place where he leads is up. That is why it is important to get it fundamentally right with him. Make sure that you are serving the Living God, make sure that you are on the right track and headed in the right direction. Then follow him faithfully. He is faithful who has promised. Ultimately you know where he is leading.

Whenever there is a disconnect between the head and the led, any time the led is not sure of the sincerity of purpose of the leader, there is bound to be confusion. The worst mistake anyone can make is to allow someone who is going nowhere to lead him. The easiest way to end nowhere is to be led by a leader who is going nowhere. That is why Jesus said, in my Father’s house are many mansions.

God is not a respecter of persons, it is as you recognize that you connect and as long as there is a flow, there will be deposits; the deposits are the testimonies. A lot of people don’t want to connect and yet desire deposits, it does not work that way. They are looking for a God to use and not a God to worship. Your connection is a measure of your worship. The greatest problem of man today is placement of value. Today, people place more value on what they will do in the office on Monday than what they will do in the Church on Sunday.

Unfortunately, a lot of pastors have lost the shepherd’s staff. A leader must always be ahead in order to remain relevant and in order to lead well. You must be careful how and whom you connect to. If you have found the original and are still searching for something else, you will collect a counterfeit.

Pray –

  • Lord, thank you for the generous provisions you have made for me. Open my eyes; give me revelations that will transform my life. Help me to stop looking for what was never lost. Help me to recognize the opportunities – the low hanging fruits that are with me and to make the most of them in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Make this year the best year I have ever seen in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Lord, you are Jehovah Shammah, thank you because of your presence with us. May your presence never depart from me in the name of Jesus. I have started this year with you, I want to walk closely with you, do not allow me to misstep this year in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Lord, guide me through the skillfulness of your hand and help me along the way. Let my walk with you get sweeter by the day in the name of Jesus. Amen!


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