the blood of Jesus


There is nothing as sweet as when God takes over your battle. You cannot fight better than God. He is the Lord of hosts. All the resources of heaven are at his beck and call. The power of God will neutralize everything the enemy throws at you this year. Your enemies will not be able to perform their enterprise in the name of Jesus Christ. Those who rise against you shall fall for your sake. They shall be ashes under your feet and standing on their ruins you will yet fly the banner of the Lord.

  • Lord, make your reputation great in Holy Ghost Fellowship International this year. Make your reputation great in my home. Make your reputation great in my life. Make your reputation great as I go out and come in. Make your reputation great in the Church. Make your reputation great in this nation. Make your reputation great in all the countries connected to this ministry. Make your name great. Your name is to be celebrated. Let your name be magnified.
  • Let the fresh oil of your goodness flow and destroy every weapon of the enemy. Break asunder the weapons of our enemies in the name of Jesus Christ. Let them perish from under this heaven and from this earth that have ever lifted a finger against us in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you have found God and you are still searching for something else, check it. The presence of God guarantees you fulfillment. There is a hole in the heart of every man which is God size. Only the presence of God can satisfy. The only place where you can find the fullness of joy is in the presence of God, at his right hand are pleasures for ever more. When people don’t grasp this revelation, they keep on searching for things that were never lost. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and can only be derived as a result of our connection with God.

  • Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask that you fill every void in my life with the power of your presence and with the presence of your power. Fill every void in my home, in my ministry in Jesus name.

Vs 4, “The everlasting mountains cannot compare with you in glory!” Nothing can compare with the glory of God. Some people mistake glamour for glory, they forget that glamour is fake.  Glory is the real thing. The glory is not found in the outer court, it is not even found in the holy place, no, the glory is found in the innermost place, the holy of holies. Press in to behold his glory. May his glory go with you wherever you go and for the rest of your life, may the glory of God be with you.

  • Lord, may your incomparable glory be with me all the days of my life as I step out and as I come in, everywhere I go, in all my undertakings and all my aspirations. Thank you blessed Lord, in Jesus name.

The glory cover is the greatest assurance that nothing evil shall come near you. It is only when the glory departs that people become vulnerable to all manner of attacks. The glory cover is the greatest protection. May the overwhelming glory of God overshadow you, your family, your home, your business and your ministry in the name of Jesus. May the glory of God overshadow you as you go out and as you come in, in the mighty name of Jesus.  May this glory cover overshadow you as you sleep, as you wake up and in your dream in the mighty name of Jesus.

Vs 5, “The mightiest of our enemies are conquered. They lie before us in the sleep of death; not one can lift a hand against us”. From today, the mightiest of our enemies are conquered by the grace and the power of his presence – the overwhelming presence of God. The first thing God does when he steps in is that he makes the weapons of our enemies useless in their hands.

  • Father, I thank you because the mightiest of my enemies are conquered. Thank you for making their weapons useless. Thank you for irreparably destroying their weapons. Thank you for irreparably destroying their networks and undoing everything they have ever done. Thank you for irreparably destroying their evil altars, meeting places and covens.

In Matt. 18:18 Jesus gave us the mandate to allow and disallow, celebrate him. What a wonderful privilege to be connected to him and what boundless power he has given us to exercise on his behalf as his ambassadors.

  • Thank you Jesus, we celebrate the victories you have given to us and declare that you are the possessor of all power. We celebrate your almightiness. We celebrate your sovereignty. We celebrate your comprehensive dominion and thank you for giving us the authority to use this power. Thank you because nothing shall by any means hurt us.
  • Grant us grace O God to fully comply with your provisions for our lives so that we will walk and continue to walk in comprehensive dominion everywhere.
  • Make us enforcers of righteousness wherever we find ourselves. Make us people who walk hand in hand with you to bring your purpose to come to pass in every area of our lives in the name of Jesus.
  • Where others fail, make us to excel and make our heads twenty million times stronger than the heads of our enemies put together in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Thank you Lord Jesus for the authority you have given us to allow and disallow. Blessed by your precious name in Jesus mighty name we pray.


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