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Dagon was a shrine and the essence of that shrine was the spirits – demons. Every altar has demons behind it. It is the spirit that animates the altar. The power base of any altar can either be demonic or the Holy Spirit. If it is the Holy Spirit, then that is the one you should be connected to.

Anybody that is connected to a contrary altar is not a child of God. I have met a lot of children of dagon. During deliverance sessions when the fire of the Holy Spirit falls, they bow. Why? They bow because before the ark of God, dagon must bow. The enemy seems to be having an upper hand today in the world because of the weakness of the Church.

Today, the ark has been captured because of the weakness of the Church. When you stop raising worshippers and start raising billionaires instead – “give me your gold and I will make you a god” – the end result is a fallen Church. When the Church starts chasing what the world is chasing, how can she be a healing agent in a sick world? When you make money the bottom line of the Church and begin to judge by sight and no longer by the quality of Christian character, there is danger. If you judge by sight, you will miss it. It is unfortunate that it is only in few cathedrals in the world today that you can find the pure fire of the Holy Spirit.

What dagon represents is everything that is antithetical to the worship of the true and living God. There are many dagons that come with different names such as molech, baal, apollyon, abaddon, belial and so on. A lot of people are carrying these spirits but you cannot notice it by just looking at their faces.

Any young man who is empty and cannot discern spirits is in trouble. I adjure you, please get back to the pure fire of the Holy Spirit. Raise an altar of the precious Holy Spirit, an ark of God, in your family. How strong is your family altar? It is the spirit that defines the fire on the altar. Every altar has a fire. If it is the Holy Spirit, it will have a pure fire. If it is not the Holy Spirit, it is strange fire.

Today, strange fires are being kindled all over the nations of the world. Where is the Church? Whenever you commonize the things of God in your life, the enemy will come, get loud, take over, begin to dictate and call the shots. Anyone who votes for nonsense is not a child of God; another spirit is indwelling such a person. It is very important for you to know the spirit that is ruling because it is the spirit that influences you to take a wrong decision that will determine where you will end ultimately.

Everyone will end in the home of their owners. I know where I am going and I know where I am taking members of this ministry who decide to follow me, of course you can decide not to. That is how to give purposeful leadership. The decision is yours nobody will take it for you.

Pray –

  • Heavenly Father, I thank you for calling me out of darkness to the marvelous light of your dear son, Jesus Christ, through whom I have eternal life. I ask that you grant me the grace to walk by the guidance of your Holy Spirit all the days of my life, so that I will be all you want me to be, accomplish all you want me to accomplish, and make heaven at last in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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  • Miss progress

    Amen thank you jesus
    I pray this morning O God made us great works; built me and you houses; that we may planted our vineyards:

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