Proclaim –

  • Father, bring down every instrument of bewitchment set in motion against my life, set against my family, set against this ministry, be brought down in the name of Jesus.
  • God shall bring down every mountain of prey, every mountain of Pisgah, unfruitfulness, shame, dishonour, discouragement, and stagnation.
  • God shall bring down everything the enemy has configured to work against the purpose of God for my life.
  • God shall bring down every opposition to my wellbeing here and hereafter in the name of Jesus Christ.

What are the noise of strangers? Several times the reason why some people misbehave is because of the things they hear, the things they see and the things they allow into their minds – these are signals.

Electrical electronic engineering has the best definition of noise; in communication engineering – noise is nothing but unwanted frequency. Noise is an unwanted signal. Everyone hears something. What you hear determines what controls you mind and whatever controls your mind controls you. Always you are hearing noises, cacophony and that is why the devil keeps on pumping and pumping all manner of things into people’s mind and controls them with junk to make them sink and stink. However, if you are a child of God, God has something better for you. Your life will move up as you tune to the frequency of heaven.

When you tune to the frequency of heaven, the Holy Spirit will lead you up; you will operate from the heaven of heavens. You will hear the music of heaven. Your life will move from cacophony to a symphony, you will hear the worship of angels and the twenty four elders. Heaven is full of songs. Why are you not downloading the songs? It is probably because you are too busy; earthbound. A lot of Church activities today are earthbound, not preparing anyone for heaven. Free yourself from the noise (at times the noise can be from the Church service) in order to hear the word of God.

To be tuned to the right frequency is to be tuned to the frequency of heaven. Everyone hears and responds to something. The difference between an insane person and a sane person lies in what they hear; the frequency they are tuned to. Deal with every unwanted frequency in your life because it constitutes a barrier. Be who God wants you to be and accomplish what God wants you to accomplish, soaring on the wings of the Holy Ghost and not on the wings of any eagle. No eagle can get to where we are going. Every eagle is under our feet. I want you to get there so that you can hear the music of heaven and download something and then your life ceases to be ordinary. Nothing down here will mesmerize you because you are a heavenly citizen, an ambassador of heaven but here on earth on a temporary assignment. You were left here to be an enforcer of the purposive will of God. That is what it means to be a child of God, it is not in titles. That is what it means to be a minister of God, it is not in titles. That is what it means to be an intercessor, it is not in titles. We will not fail God in our generation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


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