Did you notice the extent God can go when he wants to protect his own? I love the last verse of Psalm 1 from the New Living Translation,

“The Lord watches over the godly but the path of the wicked leads to destruction”.

Psalm 1:6 NLT

May your path not cross the path of wicked this year in the name of Jesus. May you not be found in the congregation of the ungodly. May you not kowtow with the ungodly in the name of Jesus.

This year, ensure that you seek the face of God before embarking on any journey. David returned from an expedition and discovered that his entire camp had been ravaged, everything he had including his wives and children had been taken away into captivity by the Amalekites (1 Sam. 30). There was mutiny in his camp as his soldiers wanted to stone him. In spite of this, David still had the presence of mind to seek the face of God. This is because David was a man of his presence. Instinctively, he would have just pursued the enemy but he sought the face of God instead. He had the right temperament; that is what we need. In times of critical decisions, may you have the tranquility of the spirit in the name of Jesus. Jesus is the greatest consultant, the greatest shield. David asked God specific questions. May God help us in his presence to be people who know how to ask specific questions that will unlock doors.

Questions unlock answers. Not very many people know how to ask correct questions even in the presence of God. You must grow to pressing into the presence of God where you can receive strategies. God is the greatest General. God is the commander of the armies of heaven, He is the Lord of hosts. David was a general but he knew his limitations. It takes acknowledging our littleness to be able to worship God. Those who are full of self can never be true worshippers. David asked God, should I pursue? Will I overtake? Will I recover all? (1 Sam. 30:8). God told him to pursue, overtake, recover all. Receive the grace to walk by divine signals. Receive the grace to walk by divine instructions. Receive the grace to walk by divine connection. Receive the grace to optimize your God factor this year in the mighty name of Jesus. This is what will produce the fullness of joy to overflow dimension. David pursued, overtook and not only recovered all but took booties of war.

This year, you will have booties of war to share in the mighty name of Jesus. Very soon when people see you they will celebrate God, they will confess that truly, they can see the glory of God in your life. However, you must be addicted to his presence before this can happen. You have to be addicted to the presence of God in order to be a carrier of his presence. You have to be a worshipper in order to receive divine signals that will bring transformation and full restoration in your life.

Pray –

  • Lord, help me to be a person of your presence because it is only in your presence that there is fullness of joy.


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