God has a beautiful program for us; He has not called us in vain. The hand of God guarantees a better life for us. He has made our path the path of the righteous that shines from brightness to brightness unto a perfect noon day (Prov. 4:18). He has made it so by his word. Things can only get better in our lives. That is one of the ways to know the path of the righteous, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction.

Psalm. 1:6 says,

“For the LORD watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction”.

Psalm 1:6 NLT

That is why we must be very careful about who we submit to.

Never submit to anyone who is headed in the wrong direction as your guide because if you do, you will end up in the wrong destination. The greatest leader we should submit to is the Holy Spirit. This is very important as it will make a clear distinction between those who will succeed and those who will fail this year. God has connected you to a fellowship that is Holy Ghost based. Stay connected.

The greatest leader is the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, as many as are led by the Holy Spirit, they are the sons of God (Rom. 8:14). The Holy Spirit can never lead you down, he leads upward. The Holy Spirit can never lead you in the paths of unrighteousness; he leads you in the right path. The Holy Spirit can never lead you to violate the will of God, he leads you in line with the purposive will of God.

When you are tuned to the frequency of the Holy Spirit and you are submissive to his leading as your guide, he will counsel you. As your shield, he will comfort you. He will intercede for you and ensure that you have his seal of ownership upon you and that is what guarantees how you will end. Everyone will end up in the home of their father.

We are not beating about the bush concerning this matter, it is very important and Christians need to understand it. A lot of Christians are headed in the wrong direction (while thinking that they are still standing) by their wrong choices and wrong decisions.

Decisions determine who guides, who leads and how. Decisions determine destinations. Decisions define destinies. That is the reason why I respect the word ‘decision’. The Bible is a book of decisions and that is why there are about 321 ‘ifs’ in the Bible. It is a matter of choice, your right to choose.

It is out of the loving kindness of God that he decided not to make us robots; he made us free will agents, people who should choose between right and wrong. However, most of the time, man’s inclinations are always towards the wrong even in simple decisions, a lot of people choose wrongly and justify it. When faced with the consequences of their decisions, however, they start looking for whom to blame. It is all part of the fallen nature of man.

When man fell in the Garden of Eden, he acquired a diseased perception of reality, incapable of making right decisions. It takes the grace of God for you to think right and choose right. That is why we shall intentionally hand over our thought processes to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to the frequency of heaven. That is how you start making upward mobility possible.

  • Heavenly Father I thank you for making me after your image and likeness. I deliberately and wholeheartedly surrender my will to you, and ask that your perfect will be established in every facet of my life in Jesus’ name, amen.


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