Two aggressive lumps disappear completely from a sister’s breast after concerted prayers and application of anointed mantle (blessed handkerchief), to the glory of God.

A sister who witnessed the testimony above and who had an aggressive lump in her breast keyed into the same anointing by saying the same prayers and applying the anointed mantle. The lump in her breast also dissolved and disappeared completely to the glory of God.


A prayer of faith (over the telephone) heals a sister with a very bad heart condition just when medication failed.


A paralysed man was fully restored after an over the telephone prayer of faith was offered for him to the glory of God.


A sister (an active usher in the Holy Ghost Fellowship International) passed on after a very brief disease. Just as preparations were on for her to be conveyed to a mortuary, her younger sister suggested that the pastor be informed. The husband complied, and a prayer of faith in the Name of Jesus was offered over the phone. The husband was instructed to anoint her with olive oil. As he obeyed, the wife sneezed and came back to life. She is hale and hearty, and has been serving even more actively in the department. Glory to God


Rebecca a girl of ten passed on after a brief illness. Fortunately, sister Blessing (who had personally experienced the miracle-working power of Jesus; she was healed of breast cancer) came to the scene. She called in. A prayer of faith was offered and the little girl came back to life after five hours to the glory of God.


Just a few weeks ago, God miraculously blessed a couple in Holy Ghost Fellowship International with triplets after sixteen years of trusting God for the fruit of the womb


Holy Ghost is moving. Don’t be left out.