Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

  • A word of knowledge restores a prodigal son to the mother.
  • A prophetic word establishes a woman, a joyful mother of children after eleven years of waiting.
  • 14 years’ residency/Green card issue miraculously settled in Houston Texas USA, after a visit and a short prayer at the Holy Ghost Fellowship int’l altar.
  • Full blown medically diagnosed breast cancer dissolves and disappears after a short prophetic prayer by the pastor
  • Acute migraine disappears after contact with pastor’s singlet
  • 9 years acute osteomyelitis healed after a Friday Dominion Service
  • 19 evil marks disappear from a brother after a night vigil glorious encounter
  • A pastor’s presidential handshake connects a sister to Aso rock with tremendous economic benefits.
  • Pastor dedicates three new mansions belonging to a member in one day.
  • Several miracles of salvation of souls and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

All these testimonies and more are authentic and verifiable.