Friday Dominion Service(5/10/2017)


“ There is serious contention over the soul of Nigeria. There seems to be more of darkness than light. We Christians are the salt of the earth and the light of God must shine through us. We must become so tuned to the frequency of God that when we open our mouth, there will be light and wherever we appear, darkness disappears. The Glory of God should radiate through us pushing away darkness.

Part of Gods end-time plan is that the children of light will confront those of darkness and prevail. Darkness has no chance of surviving the power of light.

Christians do not understand who they really are in Christ Jesus, that is why they are manipulated by the wiles of the devil.

Through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have dominion over Satan, sickness and hell. through Christ Jesus, we operate in the highest, far above principalities and rulers of darkness of this world.

The more you understand what Christ has done for you, the more embolden you become. The children of light should not be afraid of darkness; it should be the other way round.

The devil is concentrating money in the hands of his followers for one purpose:CONTROL, trying to ensnare the children of God but all his plans will fail in Jesus name. But to be above this, we need to take our work with God serious. The average Christian is not serious, hence fall prey to satanic manipulation of their bosses in the work place. That is why we must be strong enough in Christ to be comprehensively successful.

We must value our relationship with God, more than that of man to have dominion.

The secret of working in dominion 24/7 is connection to the highest i.e. God. The battle of life is the battle of altars. You have to operate from a higher altar to dominate.

Without Christ everything is lost. A Christ less life is a worthless life. It is a life that allows one to succeed only to fail (Ephesians 2:5). In Christ Jesus we are made to sit in high places i.e. from a higher altar.

We need to be spiritually consolidated so that when any power tries you, it will be quenched and any arrow fired will back fire and those behind it will carry a problem so large that they will have to meet you and ask for forgiveness ”.

prayer points

  • Thank God for:
    • The visible and invisible battles he has fought for you
    • The month of January to December, HE is the unchanging changer
    • See us through and keeping during the recession
    • The purity of his fire, that has enclosed you, keeping you from evil
    • His word for your life
  • Pray against the forces working against Gods purpose for your life
  • Declare your dominion, through the finished work of Jesus over darkness
  • Pray, that in the name of Jesus, every ordinance if hell is blotted out and you have dominion
  • Pray for understanding of who you are in Christ Jesus
  • Pray for all round spiritual consolidation
  • Pray against powers trying to neutralize our spiritual efforts.
  • In the name of Jesus, cutoff anything that gives the enemy access to your life, especially your dream life (sin, immorality, evil association, past relationships).

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