Psalm 129:1-4

Cords are invisible lines; they are like bridges through which the enemy gain unlimited access into people’s lives. As long as there is an evil cord in the life of a person, he will eventually crash. They are demonic ropes that satan uses to tie people to himself and his Kingdom.  These cords give him a firm grip to control and influence things that happen to people in their Christian experiences, family relationships, finances and day to day activities. They are like bridges in the realm of the spirit that demons use.

If you are from an idolatrous background, there is need for you to connect to a superior power in order to deal with cords. Many of the cords operating in your life have legal grounds. They tie you to your root. Break away from idolatry with all its manifestations. Cords are part and parcel of the traditional legacy of idolatry. You must hate it the way God hates it. The best connection you have is your God connection, place enough value on it.

Demonic cords are deadly. If you are still having problems with any bad habit, it is an indication of an evil cord. Cords are not things you break and just wait, you must walk away from them and embrace Christ. Deliverance is not an event but a lifestyle. It is a process of sanctification. Until your life becomes a seed it cannot be a harvest. Be an atmosphere changer wherever you are. God is calling His Church to greater separation. Position yourself, clean up. This dispensation is winding down, it is only sanctified vessels that the Holy Spirit will use.

Take note that children do reap the harvest of evil seeds sown by their parents. In Gen 26:6-9, Isaac lied about his wife because he did not want men of Philistine to take her just as Abraham lied about Sarah to Egyptian men to stop them from taking her to their king in Gen 12: 16-18.

You need discerning of spirits to break away from cords. Generational cords can tie people down for many years. If you are under demonic attack, get angry. Don’t be an average Christian. One single demon in operation can steal, derail, kill and eventually destroy by consigning you to hell.


Stretch forth your right hand and make these declarations: –

  1. Father, I have heard your word, help me. I need your empowerment, transform my hand to the Sword of the Spirit. As I release my hand, let every evil cord that has fettered me be cut asunder never to be rebuilt in the name of Jesus. As I release my hand let it go into the foundation of my life; Father’s side, Mother’s side and marital side and begin to cut asunder everything that the enemy has constructed as an evil cord to pull me down or derail your purpose for my life in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every evil agreement that my ancestors entered into on my behalf even before I was conceived in my Mother’s womb, your time is up. Break now in the name of Jesus.
  3. I raise the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth against any demon using any evil cord to access my life, I overcome you today by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony in the name of Jesus. I bind you & destroy your works. I terminate your operations, thus far you come, you go no further, loose your hold in Jesus Name.
  4. I will be all that God wants me to be; I will accomplish all that God wants me to accomplish; my journey on earth shall not be cut short by any unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Long life is my satisfaction; long life is my heritage. Abundant life is my portion in Jesus Name.

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