God can give more than enough, not only power and money, but anything and everything He gives, is given in supernatural abundance. It takes wisdom to pray constructive prayers, it is the Holy Spirit that gives you the right prayer point. Solomon was given a blank cheque and he capitalized on it and God gave him more than what he asked for. It is what you place value on that you will attract; a lot of Christians undervalue their relationship with God to their own detriment. What value do you place on your relationship with God? Your greatest connection is your God connection. Faithful service to God attracts generational blessings. Let part of your greatest desire this year be to serve God the way you have never done before, strive to make heaven happy. When this happens, your unvoiced desires will become answered prayer.

The language of children is ‘give me’ but Jesus said seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness. God Himself will undertake to begin to give you even before you ask. As earlier mentioned, ‘give me’ is the language of the prodigal son. There is something about maturing into things especially into spiritual things. When the prodigal son returned, his language changed from ‘give me’ to ‘make me’. All Apostle Paul’s prayers were ‘make me’ prayers. The easiest thing God can do is to give you but until you are made, you will not be able to retain it. Whenever God says ‘no’ to your request, He is doing it in love because He knows that you cannot handle it.


  • Pray – Lord, I know that my desires are not always consistent with Your perfect will, I give you the free will to work on all my prayer requests; the ones that are best for me, please consider them, the ones I have not properly presented, please straighten them for me and give me according to Your purpose, according to Your perfect will.
  • Lord, answer my requests according to Your perfect will. I yield my will to Your will, let Your perfect will be done in every facet of my life this year.
  • In any way that I have become prodigal, please transform me into a true son, oh God transform me where I need transformation in the name of Jesus.
  • Let Christ be formed in me. Search through my life Lord, transform all my weaknesses into strengths in the name of Jesus. Consolidate me and make me to be all you want me to be in Jesus Name.
  • Thank you mighty God. I depend on You. This year, grant that I will be a son that brings honor and glory to Your name in the name of Jesus.
  • Let not my well doing be evil spoken of this year in Jesus Name.  Help me to maximize opportunities that come my way this year. Bless me with wisdom and give me the golden key of understanding in the mighty name of Jesus.

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