Total Liberation From Evil Altars

Today, idolatry is so pervasive that many actually worship Jehovah on the altar of Baal. Idolatry is using God and worshiping things. Anything you have enthroned side-by-side God in your heart is an idol. God in His absolute holiness hates and punishes sin, especially the sin of idolatry. The easiest way to go into satanic bondage is idolatry. Satan and his fallen angels, demons, operate freely through evil altars. Evil altars are highways to hell.

There is always demonic traffic in evil altars. Little wonder God commanded the children of Israel to utterly destroy the evil altars in the land he gave them to possess: “These are the statutes and judgments which ye Shall observe to do in the land, which the LORD God of thy fathers giveth thee to possess it, all the days that ye live upon the earth. Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree: And ye shall overthrow their altars and break their pillars and burn their grooves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place’ Deut. 12:1-3. Notice the choice of words in the scriptures above: “utterly destroy”, “overthrow”, “break and burn with fire”, “hew down”. The divine prescription for dealing with evil altars is total annihilation. Even the names of the gods are to be completely obliterated. The evil you fail to confront will contaminate and eventually consume you. If only the children of Israel had obeyed the divine instructions above, they would never have gone into captivity in Babylon. Also observe the phrase “all the days that ye live upon the earth”. The scriptures above have past, present and future applications. The Word of God is eternal.

This should satisfy those who may think that since we are now in the New Testament, the scriptures have become irrelevant. Writing to the New Testament Church, Apostle John states: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen” I John 5:21 One reason God expects his children to employ spiritual violence in dealing with evil altars is because they constitute demonic strongholds. A stronghold is a highly fortified place and will yield only when maximum force is applied. Behind many long-standing difficulties are stronghold demons. Unfortunately, today, despite the proliferation of religious activities, the structures of idolatry are still intact. Consequently, many precious souls are captured in Satan’s prisons (evil altars)…………………………………………..



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