Deliver Us from Evil (Book)

Satan has been described as the “god” of this world (II Cor. 4 vs 4). He is the originator of all evil. Right from Eden, his number one target is man. He has nothing good to offer. His three-pronged programme for man is to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY. Unfortunately, the whole world is under his influence. The Bible tells us in 1 John 5:19 that the “WORLD LIETH IN WICKEDNESS”. This means that the world is under the power of the evil one. Satan gets his job done through evil spirits, otherwise known as DEMONS. Although Satan is not omnipresent, he has so masterfully organized his kingdom of darkness that evil has become as pervasive as the air. Satan tries to replicate the kingdom that God had set out to establish in the beginning. The devil is a copycat. He is not omniscient, neither is he omnipotent. He is a created being and not the CREATOR. He runs a parallel kingdom to that of God. From the twentieth verse of the tenth chapter of the book of Daniel, we learn that every political system has a controlling spirit. The devil is the prince of this world. God’s original plan for man was that man would co-operate with Him to dominate the earth. Unfortunately, the devil deceived man. Right from then, man’s will became united (married) to the will of the Edenic serpent, in opposition to God’s will. Also, it is the perfect will of God that HIS WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN but the devil fights tooth and nail to stop this, hence, the “conflict of the ages” known as “spiritual warfare”. Spiritual warfare may be defined as a state of perpetual armed battle between the kingdom of God and the rebellious kingdom of Satan. It is the pitching of uncompromising spiritual forces against each other in order to enforce control over creation. In this warfare, there is no neutrality. You are either for the kingdom of God or you are for the kingdom of Satan, the evil one. Every aspect of your thought, word or action either furthers the kingdom of God or it furthers the kingdom of darkness.



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