Unforgiveness (cont.)

It is the measure to which you forgive that God will forgive you.  Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. You cannot move up when you are holding somebody down. It is one of satan’s several traps, don’t fall into it. Many times we forgive on the surface, you must forgive from your heart – Matt. 18:35.

but when you are praying first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against ,so that your father in heaven will forgive you of your sins too” (Mark 11:25-26). Forgiveness is not a is a requirement. it is releasing to God, the right to judge and penalize another for personal wrong. Sometimes we feel we have the right to pay back for injustice towards us. Taking laws into our own hands, (revenge) is denying God the right to give mercy or penalty. it is “playing god” and God abhors the human urge to usurp His authority. Quit role-playing, let God judge and schedule punishment. Instead of holding those who hurt you in unforgiveness, forgive and pray for them. Is this easy to do? NO! However, the personal peace it sets in motion is beyond description.

You have received mercy, pass it on

You have received love, pass it on

You have received kindness, pass it on

More characteristics of an unforgiving spirit

  1. Works by offence-Unforgiving spirit is a demonic spirit that rules by offence, in other words, what creates unforgiveness is offence.
  2. Repeller of blessing
  3. It is a condition of the heart (Matt. 13:20-21) – It takes a stony heart to hold a person in unforgiveness.
  4. Makes people hurt and resentful 
  5. It is a well blocker
  6. It makes people to stumble. Heb. 12:15 says “looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled”. From this scripture, we can see that it is possible to fall out of grace. Many people have extended grace to a point of ridicule; they now take grace as a licence to sin.  Grace can never be a licence to sin rather it empowers us to live above sin and gives us dominion above worldliness.
  7. It blocks the flow of the Holy Spirit
  8. it is a proud spirit
  9. it is a trouble producing spirit
  10. it is a violent spirit,hence must be dealt with violently  
  11. it is a destiny destroying spirit-anything that stops you from entering the gate of heaven is your greatest enemy, you must do everything to avoid it.
  12. it is a suicide spirit-it makes people commit spiritual suicide.
  13. it is an usurping spirit-when it enters, it exerts itself and wants to gain more   grounds.  An usurping spirit tries to usurp the will of the person that allows it. That is why it is very dangerous.
  14. it is a hell bound spirit- its direction is towards hell and it tries to take more people along with it
  15. it is a vengeful spirit
  16. It is an isolating spirit and as such destroys relationships. Once it enters, it isolates.
  17. it is a foul spirit.
  18. It generates strife – it is a very wicked spirit that generates strife wherever it operates. Strife makes a healthy field to dry up. (James 3:16) says wherever there is strife, there is confusion and every evil works.  Anywhere you find strife, evil is magnetized while blessings are repelled.  The devil uses it to multiply evil works and confusion.
  19. It is an obstinate spirit – very stubborn. That is why it can be harboured in a person’s heart for years.


  • If you have any offence in your heart, go on your knees and acknowledge it, acknowledge that you were wrong. Ask God for mercy and grace to forgive.
  • Touch your heart and declare ‘from the depth of my heart, I forgive (mention the name of the person/persons). Henceforth, my heart shall not grow bitterness; my heart shall not grow any offence in the name of Jesus. No more strife, no more bitterness, no more offence in Jesus Name. No more bitterness or offence in the garden of my heart.  Every root of bitterness is completely uprooted; my heart is free from offence in the name of Jesus.
  • I saturate my heart with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and I receive the Prince of Peace as the Custodian and Lord of my heart. Thank you Lord in Jesus Name.
  • You spirit of bitterness, I come against you in the name of Jesus, I bind you and I destroy your works, I terminate your operation in every area of my life, catch fire, burn to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • I command full and total restoration of all the blessings that the root of bitterness has hindered in any area of my life in the name of Jesus. I receive full restoration in the name of Jesus.
  • Declare – “my blessings shall no longer be hindered, my blessings shall no longer be delayed”. Thank you mighty God in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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