Sunday service


The greatest display of the glory of God was on the cross. The highest level of spiritual energy was released at the cross. The greatest altar ever raised in the universe remains the cross. Every altar is measured according to the extent of the power of the sacrifice; the greatest sacrifice ever offered was on the cross. The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest demonstration of God’s love for man.

One of the greatest definitions of love is “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Gen. 1:26A). True love makes. True love ennobles. True love empowers. True love beautifies. True love elevates. True love does not leave you where it meets you. True love adds value. True love transforms. The greatest thing you can be is to be like God. God sent his Son to come and pay the debt he never owed to fulfill the requirement of righteousness with his precious, sinless blood in order to make sons out of the human race.

The problem of man is his will. Why did God give man a free will? It is because God wants man to be like him. If he had taken away your will (free will) from you, (remember that your will is your right to choose), man would have become a robot. Part of the image and likeness of God in you is your will – your deciding self. God wanted those who will willingly submit their will in taking right decisions to follow him knowing that that is the best for man. God is love personified.

It is not everyone that will go to heaven. Some people have sold their souls to the devil and they know that their lives end here; some of them are holding very prime positions in the corridors of power. Christians must therefore be well taught from the foundation. You need to be careful of intellectuals; atheist, those who say there is no God. Beware of agnostics also. Beware of error. The devil has sold them a dummy. The devil is very clever; he knows that once he sells them a dummy and they pursue it, they will end up with him.

The quality of sacrifice you give is what determines the value of your worship. Today, there is no sacrifice; a lot of people are no longer ready to sacrifice anything. If you throw away the cross, you throw away self-denial. Some people even set up ministry for what to get and not for what to give. Beware of the way of Cain; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions (Luke 12:15). If you throw away the cross, you will become earthbound. Christless Christianity is earth bound Christianity.


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