Confronting the gates of Hell VI- Unforgiveness

“Deliverance is a process and not a one-time event”. Grace is not static, it is something you grow in. it is growth in your work with God. There are so many misconceptions of grace. True grace is not a license to sin, true grace enables us to live above sin, hate what God hates. True grace is divine empowerment for dominion over sin. We cannot continue in sin that grace may abound. God forbid. it was Paul, the apostle of grace that said this.

Another common error is that Christianity is not right living but right believing. This huge error promotes sin. Right believing and right living are not mutually exclusive. Your right believing should produce right living. How would anybody know what you believe, if your life does not reflect your faith?The bible says even demons believe and tremble.The church would have less work if every Christian live what they believe (living a life that reflects Christ Jesus).

The bible makes it clear that it is possible to fall (fail) out of grace. This possibility is a result of bitterness (unforgiving spirit) (heb 12:15). The bible tells us to be careful of this evil spirit.

Before you can conquer any spirit, you must be able to isolate the spirit and understand its operation. The only thing that can keep you out of sin is understanding its spiritual implication. Everyone is tempted to sin occasionally, but with understanding, the stronger the temptations, the stronger the resistance.

Mathew 18:21-34, Mathew 6:14-15

The bible passage (math 18:21-34) shows the consequences of forgiveness. We need to be careful. God is watching our reaction. Your reaction shows the spirit.

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die. Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself. Many psychosomatic sicknesses are linked to bitterness. Categorically in Mathew 6:14-15, Jesus says that if you do not forgive, you will not be forgiven.

How can you grow in grace when there is bitterness? Bitterness punctuates every growth. it brings decadence which attract demons as they feed on filth, thus leading to sickness and disease.when you forgive your heart is free. You cannot be delivered until you have forgiven. forgiveness is a prescription for deliverance.unforgiveness shuts people in, it is a devilish gate that makes the bearer experience hell before hell.


The nature of an unforgiving spirit can be characterized thus:

  1. it is a strong hold demon: strong hold demons do not operate alone. they tend to attract other deadlier demons
  2. it is a case builder
  3. it is a legalistic demon
  4. it is a task master: anyone you hold in unforgiveness has given you a job. You sleep, wake and all you will be thinking of is that person. it festers until it becomes an idol
  5. it blocks access to God and repels blessings
  6. it is highly sensitive
  7. it is highly suspicious
  8. it is a wicked spirit and in its matured state can lead to murder
  9. it is a record-keeper
  10. it brings about bitterness, through its roots which spreads to every corner of the person’s life. Anything that person touches becomes bitter. A marriage in which bitterness exists can never last.
  11. it is a defiling spirit
  12. it is a disease generator
  13. it is a stealing spirit and the first thing it steals it the persons joy and don’t forget that the bible says that it is with joy that you draw from the wells of salvation. the joy of the Lord is your strength hence it depletes the strength of anyone that carries it.
  14. it is a selfish spirit: the person becomes full of self pity and “mr. self” is is also quick to blame others for its woes
  15. it seeks to be worshipped
  16. it likes to establish its own band of supporters, going from person to person trying to gain support
  17. As a strong hold demon , it operates freely with the spirit of sickness, disease and death
  18. Anyone with an unforgiving spirit cannot make right decisions.
  19. It is a condition of the heart
  20. It is a very carnal spirit
  21. It blocks creativity.
  22. It is a spirit of demotion.
  23. It is a vengeful spirit.
  24. It is a proud spirit – pride is the idolatry of self.



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