The Holy Spirit as the Ultimate Game Changer

In John 7, when Jesus was discussing with the woman of Samaria, He prophesied that those who believe, out of their belly shall flow rivers of living water. Jesus – Himself is the river of life, anywhere this river flows, there will be healings, miracles and testimonies.

Anointing is the outflow of the power of God through human vessel. Isa. 10:27. There is an anointing that demystifies stubborn challenges, dissolves doubt and that not only removes the burden of the enemy but destroys yokes as well. Anointing is the burden-removing, yoke destroying power of God. There is no yoke that can withstand the power of the Almighty; there is no problem that God cannot solve.

Zech. 4:6 “then he said this is God’s message to Zerubbabel, not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of Host – you will succeed because of my Spirit, though you are few and weak” (TLB). The Holy Spirit is the ultimate game changer that God has left for us in the world today. Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit and in Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came with power and with fire and as a result, ordinary men became transformed. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate transformer; when He enters, everything changes. He is the greatest teacher. Ordinary fishermen turned the world upside down and wrote deep things. When the supernatural comes upon the ordinary, the ordinary becomes extra ordinary. In spite of the odds against your miracle, your miracle will still happen, all you need do is to allow the game changer to take over.

The paralytic at the pool of Bethesda was on one spot for 38 years, the odds against him were so much; even the day was against his miracle (it was a Sabbath day). The church leaders were against his miracle and even the man himself was paralytic, he couldn’t move. But when Jesus appeared, everything changed.

God wants you to be a healing agent. It is good to be healed but it is better to be a healing agent. Every problem in life is a wisdom issue. There are two dimensions of the move of the Holy Spirit – the power dimension and the wisdom dimension. Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom of God. If you are truly born again, you should be a problem solver, and as long as you continue to solve problems, you will continue to be relevant. There is an anointing that dissolves doubt. You must contact it.

The law of attention – something as little as your key deserves attention, if you give it the right attention, it will run errands for you. Christians don’t know what they have and who they are in Christ Jesus. The greatest problem today is misplacement of value. If you don’t pay attention, you will misplace value. If you fail to pay the necessary attention to what God has given you, it will take a walk. It was misplacement of value that made Adam to ignore the word of God. You cannot disobey until you have misplaced value. If you value God, you will value His word. Misplacement of value goes before devaluation.

Abraham placed so much value on the instructions of God that he was prepared to sacrifice Isaac, a child of promise. After the death of his father, Rehoboam received a request to reduce the taxation his Father levied on the people in order to maintain his ostentatious lifestyle. He consulted the elders who gave him a good advice. Instead of taking this advice, Rehoboam decided to take the advice of his friends and this led to the division of Israel. If you don’t value your relationship with God and what Jesus did on the cross, forget about the anointing.

David placed so much value on his relationship with God that he goes to the house of God ten times in a day; seven times to praise and three times to pray. He placed so much value that God ignored his weaknesses and blessed him to the extent that Jesus came through his lineage.

Daniel, in the land of captivity purposed in his heart not to be defied from the King’s portion. Why? He placed so much value on his relationship with his Father. Joseph in the house of Potiphar refused to give in to the amorous adventures of Potiphar’s wife because of placement of value on his relationship with God. Defilement goes before demotion/destruction. Whatever wants to defile you is a killer because there cannot be a flow (of the Holy Spirit) if there is a blockade. The very moment Daniel fulfilled the law of attention, heaven became his greatest support.

The easiest way to be irrelevant is to commonize the anointing and one of the secrets of the anointing is practical demonstrable righteousness. If you want the anointing, run away from every appearance of evil. Don’t satisfy a carnal appetite that would rob you of your eternal inheritance. You cannot be eating swine’s food and be a friend of heaven. It blocks the flow. Purpose in your heart not to be defiled, you are becoming what you are eating.

Dan. 5:12 “call for this man Daniel – or Belteshazzar, as the king called him – for his mind is filled with divine knowledge and understanding. He can interpret dreams, explain riddles and solve knotty problems. He will tell you what the writing means” (TLB). Daniel’s mind was saturated with divine knowledge and understanding. What is understanding? “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”. Pro. 9:10. Christians should naturally carry the spirit of excellence, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, might and fear of the Lord (Isa. 11:2). The world is looking for the manifestation of Daniels. If you possess these spirits, you will be sought after. Daniel was sought after by four regimes. Christians are not manifesting because of compromise, they have become like Cain. God craves your relationship and when you don’t give it, he is grieved.

In the final analysis, everyone will be remembered for two things; the problems you solved and the problems you left behind.


  • Dear Heavenly Father, please saturate my mind with divine knowledge and understanding as You did for Daniel in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Help me Oh God, to flee from every appearance of evil and make me a child that delights in You. I know that You are able to meet all my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. I trust You to touch the mountains and they will smoke. With You, nothing shall be impossible, it took You only six days to create the entire universe, Lord, I know that there is no problem You cannot solve, I trust You to crown this year for me with Your goodness, cause my path to drop Your abundance, let Your anointing remove every mountain, let every doubt dissolve and disappear in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I thank You because You are no respecter of persons, I know that what You did for Daniel, You can do for me, help me, Oh God to align with Your purposive will for my destiny, grant me the grace to work hand-in-hand with You so that Your purpose may be fulfilled in every area of my life. Lord, I depend on You, through You, I shall do valiantly.
  • You are my King, Oh God, command deliverances for me, command victories for me, command restoration for me, command breakthroughs for me, command healings for me, command marvelous liftings for me, command comprehensive dominion for me, command open heavens for me, command comprehensive protection for me in the name of Jesus. Make me a worthy ambassador of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Wherever I have failed You in the past, Father, please forgive me. Going forward, Lord, make it impossible for me to eat swine’s food. Help me to hate what you hate and to love what You love in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I thank You because there is nothing too difficult for You, I thank You because You are the Lord, mighty in battle. Lord, You know my areas of need (mention them, be specific). Lord, I roll them over to You and I ask You to intervene and take absolute control. I thank You Lord because You are the absolute solution. Jesus, You are the game changer, Holy Spirit, You are the game changer, I dedicate the trophies to You because I know that it is settled, glory to Your name, in Jesus name. Amen.

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