Sunday service


Everywhere you go, you find people who are seeking only the hand of God and not his face; they don’t know the heart of God. They are not even ready for it.

God is looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. The beginning of it all is worship. Anybody who misses it in the place of worship has missed it all. How does it connect to pride, you may ask? Pride is nothing but the worship of self. Pride is idolatry of self. Pride is perversion of worship. God hates perversion because he is thrice holy. That is the reason why he resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

You don’t choose how to worship God. A lot of those who go to Church today do not even know the God they are seeking. That is why when they even find him they fail to recognize him. When he manifests, they will not know because they don’t even know how he manifests. That is why they are always moving from one place to another seeking for a God that was never lost. We need to learn to know God from our hearts. When we do, the first thing it will create in us is a humble spirit like Jesus Christ his Son. The closer you come to God, the more broken you become.

Pray –

  • Appreciate the almighty God who can do without us but whom we cannot do without. Talk to him, the One who created the heavens. He literary spoke the world into existence.
  • Lord, make me a worshipper. Help me to know you more. Grant me grace to walk with you. Help me never to misfire. Grant me grace never to misalign. Help me, O God, to know you.
  • I dethrone self. I humble myself before you and I declare that you are the almighty. You deserve my praise, you deserve my worship. You deserve my honour. You deserve all that I can give.
  • I ask you to help me. Strengthen me where I am weak. Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things from on high.
  • Grant me grace to walk with you. Grant me grace to know you more. Grant me grace to live for you. Grant me grace, O God, to look up to you from whom all blessings flow.
  • Grant me grace to walk hand in hand with you so that your purpose will be fulfilled in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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