I encourage you to mean business with God. Whatever whittles down your relationship with God is your greatest enemy. The devil knows this and that is why he keeps orchestrating things, selling dummies to people. It is his prerogative to sell dummies, but it is in your interest to say no, I cannot be deceived, I cannot be distracted, I cannot be derailed, I cannot be dislocated. There are things that God cannot do for you.

I listened to one of the classic messages of Derek Prince earlier today and I was reminded of the fact that God always requires his people to humble themselves. There are things that God cannot do for you, you must do those things by yourself. One of them is humility. Derek Prince described it very classically. Study the Bible and you will notice nowhere in the Bible God promised to humble you. The Bible says, humble yourself before the Lord. He went on to point out that if, however, you pray to God to humble you, you will not like the answer you will get because it will lead to humiliation. He went further to say that when the humiliation takes place, the person will start asking questions and God’s response will be – “you asked for it!”

Why do we need to humble ourselves before God? It is because without humility, you cannot even approach God. He resists the proud. The first sin that was ever committed was pride and it took place in heaven. The resultant effect was the humiliation of Lucifer.

There are things that God will not do for you. The slogan – “what God cannot do does not exist”, is a lie. There are so many things that God cannot do for you, you must do them by yourself. If you pray to God to do those things for you, you are only wasting your prayer effort; it shows that you don’t even know the God you serve. A lot of prayer efforts are wasted.

Pray –

  • Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for revealing yourself to me through the manifestation of your son Jesus Christ. Grant me the grace to know you more and grant that my prayer efforts shall never be wasted in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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