Text: Dan. 10-13

In this series, the desire of my heart is that anything that the enemy has ever used to block you will dissolve and disappear. There is nobody that has not been hindered in one way or the other; no matter your level of accomplishment, it could have been better. Daniel typifies what it means to serve God in a hostile environment. One of the most difficult things today is to be a good child of God. It is very difficult to raise God-fearing children in a wicked and ungodly society. This is to buttress the word of God in the last days; it will be difficult to serve God. Everything happening now is as it is written.

At this point, I wish to emphasize that Holy Ghost Fellowship is not another denomination but a partnership with the Holy Spirit, a steady walk with Him. Many times, a lot of people become ‘Churchly’ and miss Christ. I have observed that one of the greatest blockades of many is their position in the Church. We must be very careful.

From my experience over the years, I have come to the conclusion that behind every long-standing difficulty, there is a spirit. If you successfully get that spirit out of the way, a miracle takes place; this has happened consistently. You must believe everything the word of God says. Obadiah 17 says “But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions”. In other words, no deliverance, no possession.

Immediately Daniel started his prayer and fasting, an angel was sent with an answer but the angel was intercepted by a typical example of territorial barrier, a principality. Simply put, principalities are administrators of evil in an environment. If there was a prince of Persia, there must be a prince in the locality where you live. Glory to God, Jesus has given us keys to deal with spiritual blockades.

What is a blockade? Blockade is anything that blocks your access; it could be access to wealth, access to your miracle and so on. The prince of Persia is a satanic prince or ruler of the kingdom of Persia; the one ruling the kingdom of Persia for satan. Satan is recognized in the scriptures as being the god of this world and the ruler of this world having snatched the dominion mandate from man.

Study these scriptures: – Matt. 4:8-9, John 8:44, John 12:31, 2 Cor. 4:4, Eph. 2:21, Eph. 6:10-18, 3 John 3:8 and Rev. 12:7-12.

Satan enjoys placing spiritual blockades over Christians in order to make them renounce their faith and bow to him. The devil wants to make rubbish of your relationship with God and make you hate him to the point that you will believe that God has been unfair to you. Many a time, what blocks peoples’ miracle is not external; it is their attitude that constitutes the blockade. What is your attitude towards God? How do you see God? Who is God to you personally? When people are walking in partial obedience, they will end up asking, “Where is God?” One of the worst things that can happen to anybody is to lose the consciousness of the ever-abiding presence of God.

Symptoms of Spiritual blockade: –

  1. Scarcity – the scarcity can be in the midst of plenty.
  2. Lack
  3. Impoverishment
  4. Feeling hedged-in
  5. Stagnation – at times, it might not be outright stagnation, it may be limited or stunted growth.
  6. Retrogression – there is a thin line between stagnation and retrogression. If you notice stagnancy in any area of your life, please cry out to God for help.
  7. Closed Doors – if the enemy is exerting pressure or has a foothold in any area of your life, you must kick him out of your life otherwise, he will convert the foothold into a stronghold.
  8. Malnutrition
  9. Spiritual dryness – are you feeling dry? When was the last time you heard the voice of God? When was the last time you actually felt the presence of God? When was the last time you received a new song? It is very easy to get mechanical in your relationship with God and even in your kingdom service. You can be so much after the work that you forget the worship. You must be a worshipper and the best thing that can happen to you is to fall in love with God. The blessings of his presence are boundless; they are immeasurable.
  10. Lack of Revelation – when you open the word of God, do you draw revelations?


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