Many years back, in one of our deliverance sessions, a couple brought their house help for prayer. During ministration, when the fire of the Holy Spirit fell, to my greatest surprise, the girl started speaking in ‘tongues’ uncontrollably – the tongue sounded like ‘sheribababa’. So I reasoned that since she was already speaking in tongues, she has been baptized in the Holy Ghost. The ministrations continued until the ‘sheribababa’ got out of hand and I had to take a second look at the girl. I was a bit disturbed but I thought ‘how can I interrupt the Holy Spirit?’ so I left her but after a while, I was grieved and immediately commanded the spirit to come out of her. The girl started manifesting terribly and moving about like a snake. What was the aim of the tonguing? The girl was manifesting the spirit of deception in order to deceive the minister from going ahead with the deliverance session. It was a shield. You must understand that it is not every ‘tongue’ that is genuine; some tongues are demonic. I am always very skeptical about people who pray in tongues in monosyllables year in and year out. Some people were actually taught how to pray in tongues. This is the easy believist method and it is a perversion of tongues. It is not your responsibility to teach people how to speak in tongues; you are not the baptizer in the Holy Ghost.

There is also the perversion of miracles. Whenever miracles are perverted, what you have is magic; magic is nothing but satan’s counterfeit of the original. A miracle is a wonderful sensible event above but not contradictory to nature which is done by divine intervention while magic is satan’s counterfeit of a miracle. It is one of the weapons that will be used by satan and his agents this end time to deceive millions of people. The essence is to deceive many and ultimately cause them to worship God at the altar of baal. False prophets deceive people in order to derail the purpose of God and make them worship Jehovah at the altar of baal. Meanwhile, these people will think that they are really worshipping God. You must learn to celebrate what God has done for you; don’t take your salvation for granted. For those who put Paul and Silas in prison, they would have preferred rather that the girl continue to divine and make so much money for them here on earth and ultimately destroy the girl’s soul in hell.

Take note that because someone accurately foretells events or sees vision does not make the person a true servant of God. False prophets are agents of false religion. A simple definition of false religion is anyone which denies –

  1. That access to God, the Father, is through Jesus Christ crucified. John 10:9 “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture”. In John 14:6 Jesus made it categorically clear, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. It is to God through Christ, it is not to God through any saint or through any other name, Jesus is the way.
  2. That there is one spirit of God namely the Holy Spirit. Eph. 2:18 “For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father”.


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