The demon of divination is a money-spinner and once it is in operation, no matter how remote, how unhygienic or how unconducive the place where it is taking place is, a lot of people will go out of their way to locate it. The spirit of divination is a crowd puller; people go to any length to see the false prophet. These prophets manipulate people that patronize them so much so that they can tell the colour of their underwear, their dates of birth, their telephone numbers, their addresses and even their bank account number. Of course, the accuracy of their word makes people to start rushing to them. Nobody ever asks, ‘by what spirit?’ Even Apostle Paul with all his anointing was almost deceived. The slave girl was following them for days and undeniably, she was saying the right thing. However, at a point, Paul’s spirit was grieved; he discerned the spirit in operation and he rebuked that spirit commanding it to come out of her. The spirit left her immediately and that was the end of her fortune telling. When her masters realized that their money-spinner has been destroyed, they took offence and because they were highly connected, they stirred up people and thereafter, Paul and Silas were thrown into prison after they were thoroughly beaten.

Do you know that there is danger in submitting to a contrary spirit? Do you realize that it is the spirit that is flowing through you that people connect to? Once you start consulting a false prophet, he will open a file for you and you are inadvertently connected to the spirit operating in him. Unfortunately, it is not the man that has your file, per se, but the spirit. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people miss it and when they do, they find it extremely difficult to recover. This is one of the things that open people up for demonic operation; demons will begin to have unlimited access to their lives. If the spirit is not right, it cannot be the Holy Spirit and if it is not the Holy Spirit, it cannot lead you to heaven.

Rev. 13:12-14, “He exercised all the authority of the creature whose death-wound had been healed, whom he required all the world to worship. He did unbelievable miracles such as making fire flame come down to earth from the skies while everyone was watching. By doing these miracles, he was deceiving people everywhere. He could do these marvelous things whenever the first creature was there to watch him. And he ordered people of the world to make a great statue of the first creature, who was fatally wounded and then came back to life”(TLB). The antichrist and the false prophet will do lying wonders and many people will be deceived. When we talk about the mark of the beast, it may not necessarily be physical, yes, the physical one will come when the antichrist has put on flesh, but I can tell you categorically that the mark of the beast is already in operation. Marks talk about characteristics and attributes and one of the deadliest attributes of the beast is deception, a lying spirit. Behind every action, there is a spirit and if the spirit is not right, God evaluates it as wrong. A lot of things that people celebrate today are abomination in the presence of God. You must understand this so that you don’t become a prey or one of those who will be deceived. If you have ever patronized a false prophet, be it known to you that a file has been opened for you at the place. In the place of deliverance, whenever the spirit of divination operating in the life of a person is rebuked and cast out, the person immediately stops FORTUNE – TELLING.


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