WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS?                               

7. Understand the spirit of prophecy. What is the spirit of prophecy? The testimony of Jesus. Rev. 19:10 “… for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”. Anyone not manifesting Christ is not a prophet. There are prophets in the Bible who never foretold, it is not about foretelling, No, it is about how much of Christ you have in you.

To illustrate how terrible the consequences of connecting to a false prophet can be, you need to study 1 Kg 13:11-22. It is the story of a young vibrant prophet who received an instruction from God to prophesy against king Jeroboam and his idols. God gave the young prophet a specific assignment to accomplish and he went and successfully delivered God’s message. King Jeroboam was incensed and he stretched forth his hand against the young prophet and his hand withered. The king immediately cried for help and the young prophet communicated with God and instantly the king was healed. In excitement, king Jeroboam invited the young prophet to his palace for entertainment but the prophet turned down the invitation because he had a mandate from God not to rest along the way nor eat nor return the same way he went. Unfortunately, the young prophet was tired and needed a rest so he decided to rest under an oak tree. The man of God is first of all a man; he is not superhuman. The only thing that separates him from any other person is that he is connected to God and bound to be a person who dose the will of God.                                                                         

There was also an expired old prophet who lived in Bethel, when he heard about the exploits of the young prophet, he went after him and met him under the oak tree where he was having his rest. The old prophet introduced himself and invited the young prophet to his home. The young prophet protested and told him the instructions he had received from God. Painfully, the old prophet deceived the young man by telling him that God asked him to bring the young man to his home to refresh. The old prophet told a very costly lie and innocently the young prophet followed him to his house where he was entertained. While he was there, the old prophet received back his anointing and the real word of God came to him and he prophesied against the young prophet for his disobedience. In accordance with the prophecy of the old prophet, the young prophet was killed by a lion on his way back. Ironically, it was the same old prophet that came to remove the corpse of the young prophet for burial. It is very dangerous to toy with the word of God. May you never be a victim of deception, may you not fall into the hands of perverts or an old retired prophet, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Until you are delivered from the hands of those who see for you, you have a long way to go. It is my desire that you will grow to the extent that you will begin to hear God clearly and that you will have the heart of obedience to follow Him.


  • Lord, in your mercy, please forgive me in any way that I have sought help from where help cannot come, please forgive me. In any way that I have veered into places that I am not supposed to, Lord, please have mercy, I am sorry. In any way that I have disconnected from you and connected to a wrong spirit, Lord, I am sorry, have mercy on me, forgive me, cleanse me and purify me in the name of Jesus.
  • Every evil record I have with false prophets, Lord, please use the blood of Jesus to roll it away. Every wrong transaction that I have ever had with wrong prophets, Lord use the blood of Jesus to wipe it away, remove every evil record of mine that is in wrong places, in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, let the blood of Jesus wipe away every evil mark associated with contact with false prophets in the name of Jesus. Let the blood of Jesus wipe my name away from any false prophet’s register in the mighty name of Jesus.


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