What are some of the products of evil legislations?

  1. The One-world government. ‘Let’s form a confederacy and take counsel against the Lord’s anointed. If you do a study of Psalm 2, you will see that the gang up is actually against the word of God. What do you expect from the congregation of perverted parliamentarians? The word of God infuriates them just as tithing irritates so many people today. The snake in the heart has put them in perpetual bondage of captivity. The heart of man in union with the snake cannot produce good legislation.
  2. The New World Order. It sounds good but what is the spirit behind it? What is the motive behind the confederacy?
  3. The One World Religion. This refers to the establishment of a single global religion, formed by a merger of all existing religions in the world. It is supposed to be a spiritual equivalent of the United Nations. It is the concept that all religions can come together under the same pool; it doesn’t matter, they call it Interpool. It is a lie! If the Father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is not your God, you are serving a wrong god; if your god cannot beget and cannot be begotten, you are following a way that will ultimately lead to destruction.
  4. Same sex marriage. This is perversion taken to absurdity; it is perversion taken too far. Unfortunately, many nations have now legalized same sex marriage. This shows the extent to which the world has degenerated. But how does it start? It starts by violating the word of God, by allowing the snake to enter into the garden of the heart and from there it begins to speak and bombard the garden. It uses the power of speech to pollute and control the world and put billions into bondage.

All these are paving the way for the full manifestation of the man of sin, the antichrist. Evil decrees are engineered against God’s children; the children of God are the main target. They are engineered against your faith, against your belief, against your worship. It is a direct attack on the very essence and substance of your faith. Don’t forget that if you remove the word of God, there will be nothing left. The word of God is Christ; the word of God is God. John 1:1. If you examine critically the institutions that are propagating these things, you will discover that they are institutions where the word of God was removed a long time ago. The level of degeneration of these institutions is abysmal. Some of them were instrumental in giving us popular versions of the Bible. You must understand that this is a direct confrontation against the object of your worship. Psa. 55:3 says, “My enemies shout against me and threaten me with death. They surround me with terror and plot to kill me. Their fury and hatred rise to engulf me”. Verse 9-11 says, “O Lord, make these enemies begin to quarrel among themselves – destroy them with their own violence and strife. Though they patrol their night and day against invaders, their real problem is internal – wickedness and dishonesty are entrenched in the heart of the city. There is murder and robbery there, and cheating in the markets and wherever you look” (TLB). This paints a very clear picture of what is happening in the seat of governance today. The condition of the heart is wickedness, dishonesty, injustice, cheating and robbery. They are self-serving and that is why there is so much insecurity and darkness.


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