What The Bible Says About Hell (Continued)

  1. There is so much error making waves today, even within the Church. The essence of sowing the seed of deception is to derail people and make them end up in hell; but through knowledge, the just shall be delivered. We shall not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy and the kingdom of darkness, the custodian of hell, in Jesus name. It is therefore not God’s will that any human being should be cast into hell. This information is very important because one of the reasons people who deny that hell exists hold onto is the fact that God is love as such he cannot allow people to go to a dreadful place like hell. They forget that the same God who is love is also the God who hates and punishes sin and disobedience. Love is not complete if it does not judge unrighteousness. Mercy and truth are the ways of God; the mercy side is the one that motivates the love while the truth side must judge and punish sin! If you don’t understand this, you will rationalize and gloss over a lot of things. Why did God judge Lucifer? It was because of the iniquity in his heart. All the “I wills” of Lucifer were never vocalized but immediately iniquity was found in his heart, God judged him together with all the angels that sympathized with him; those who felt that God was unfair in judging unrighteousness were themselves judged. They were not given a second chance. That is why you must be careful about how you support certain things. God decided to make man in his own image and likeness, man did not merit it. This is true love. “I will be like the most High” – this was the ultimate ambition of Lucifer and that was exactly what God gave to man. The true meaning of love is that love makes; love makes something out of nothing; love makes somebody out of a nobody. Man fell because he didn’t place value on what God did for him and so he started taking God for granted. Man was judged and punished but God, in his mercy, gave man a second chance in the person of Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, to shed his sinless, precious blood in order to redeem man. Nothing stopped God from wiping out the Adamic stock and creating another. One of the things that make man a unique being is what man used against God – this is the will of man. When God wanted to create man, he said let us make man in our own image after our likeness, he did not create man as a zombie. If God had taken the will of man, then man will no longer be like God because God has free will. It is the will of man that is actually the problem. Any disobedience is a product of perversion of the will; wrong decisions are products of perversion of the will. You must understand that although God did not intend for any man to go to hell but every passing minute, thousands of people are dying and going to hell. This is the reason why hell had to be enlarged. Many times when people preach the salvation message, they tend to begin from the New Testament, mostly from the book of John but if you really want to understand salvation, you must start from Genesis, in the Garden of Eden. This is because the first messianic prophecy can be found in Gen. 3:15 – “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel”.


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