God placed a curse even on the soil, he placed a curse on man, he placed a curse on woman. Every unsatisfactoriness of things began as a result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. If you don’t understand this, there is the tendency for you to make the same mistake that Adam made; you will be tolerating sin and trivializing what Jesus Christ has done on the cross. On the cross, the sinless, perfect blood of Jesus was shed, that blood which flowed from different parts of his body went down to the ground breaking the curse on the soil. The soil, which was supposed to be producing thorns and thistles as a result of the curse, began to produce for man again bounty, lushest fruits. It was the curse on the soil that brought about poverty, scarcity and lack, that curse has been broken because blood has been shed. The blood of Jesus was shed to break that curse and atone for the sins of man. It was the perfect sacrifice.

In spite of the fact that God loves man so much and has made a way of escape for man and intends that man be blessed beyond any form of curse, man can still decide to be under a curse. It is a very stupid thing to do but the truth is that it is done on a regular basis by man, so man is man’s own greatest enemy. A lot of people impose curses on their lives by their actions, by their sinful ways of life and by their inactions.

In an earlier post, we had enumerated the sources of curse. This includes sin and disobedience. If you fail to judge sin, it has the capacity to consume you. If you don’t understand the intricacies of sin, you will rationalize and trivialize it, you will commit it and get ensnared or entrapped. Why do people get into this? It is because they lack knowledge. Lack of knowledge will make a pastor to drop a higher call for a lower one. Why do people abandon their location of blessing for another? The will of man. It is the will of man that makes man to be like God. This will of man is your deciding self.

God wanted a man that will willingly love him, obey him, follow him, trust him and place value on his relationship with God. If he didn’t want that, he would not have given man a free will; he would have given man a will that he can control. If God were controlling the will of man, then man will cease to be like God. It is in the exercise of the will in making good decisions (your deciding self), that man has failed serially. And why? Misplacement of value. Anytime you misplace value, you will pursue the wrong things and make wrong decisions – loving other things more than God, this is idolatry. Naturally, you gravitate to where your value is. It is not the will of God for man to choose wrongly but the snare of sin has entrapped him.

Heavenly father, I thank you for blessing me with a free will. I worship you. Forgive me in any way I have used my will in making wrong decisions. I am sorry, have mercy on me. I now dedicate my will to you, and ask you to grant me the grace to always make right decisions in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen



    • holyghostfellowship

      Good morning puzzles of the soul.
      Thanks so much for your comments, they have been an encouragement.
      To answer the issue of curses, according to Genesis 3:14-19, God placed a curse on the serpent, Eve and Adam.
      From the living bible, Gen 3:17, ” and to Adam, God said “because you listened to your wife and ate the fruit from where i told you not to, i have placed a curse upon the soil. All your life you will struggle to extract a living from it”.
      It is true that Evil (as a result from sin) attracts curses, but God judges sin.

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