Sunday service


A lot of Church going people have issues with lying. The Bible in Rom. 8:9b says, “And remember that if anyone doesn’t have the Spirit of Christ living in him, he is not a Christian at all.” (TLB). The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, the Word of God is truth personified. How do you confront lie? You confront lies with the Truth. Eat and digest the word of God. Become so truthful that no iota of lie will find a place in your heart.

PRAY:- Heavenly father, have mercy on me. I repent of every lie I have ever told in my life. I ask you to cleanse me with the precious blood of your Son Jesus. Fill me with the spirit of truth and make it impossible for me to ever tell a lie for me rest of my life I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

The Seal of Idolatry – Idolatry is the worship of the creature rather than the creator. Rom. 1:25, “Who changed the truth of God into lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” Today, people worship the creature more than the Creator; some worship their job, career, position and mammon more than they worship God. To many, it is the love of mammon that is the beginning of wisdom. This is a satanic seal; a branding that satan is spreading all over the place. Anyone who can do anything for money is carrying a ‘Luciferous’ seal, keep away from such. Many are ready to renounce Christ for money. It is all about placement of value. When people don’t value the brand they carry, they will jettison it for lesser brands. The devil can never give you anything that will be ultimately beneficial to you; neither can any of his agents. That is why the Bible warns us to flee from every appearance of evil. No one can worship God and mammon. All the unnecessary devotion to the pursuit of career and professional certificates are tending towards mammon, watch it! How much time do you really devote to the things of God daily? What is your first point of call when you wake up in the morning? Where is your heart tending to? Idolatry is another very cheap sin. A lot of people travel abroad for greener pastures in pursuit of money while throwing all caution to the winds. Idolatry is perversion of worship. Whatever you allow the enemy to participate in, he perverts and corrupts. Sadly, many African countries still practice the most primitive type of idolatry where human beings are still being used for sacrifice! Wherever you find idolatry, you will find witchcraft. God gets his job done on earth through righteous authorities (those who bear the brand of God) empowered by the Holy Spirit while the devil gets his job done on earth through unrighteous authorities empowered by the spirit of witchcraft. A lot of people are looking for a God to use and not a God to serve, this is idolatry and it works in tandem with witchcraft. There is no African who has not in one way or the other been hindered by idolatry. Corruption is an offshoot of idolatry. Until you pervert worship, you will not serve mammon.
PRAY:- Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I acknowledge that you are the only true God, the Living God. Have mercy on me and wash away any transgression in serving any other god whether knowingly or unknowingly in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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