Other effects of curses include: Failure, tragedy, torment, misfortune, setbacks, barrenness, calamity, shame, retrogression, miscarriage, untimely death, labour without benefits, delayed blessings, delayed marriages, unfruitfulness, fruitless deliverance sessions, stunted growth, mishaps, hard times, certain bad habits, besetting sins, distress, woes, suffering, drug and alcoholic addiction, unforgiveness, bitterness, strife, rebellion, uncompleted projects, seeing and not entering one’s inheritance (this list is not exhaustive).

There was a particular man who was appointed as the Managing Director of a very prestigious bank in Nigeria. This man was very rich and part of his hobby was gathering of artefacts. He invested so much on this and he was using these relics to decorate his home. Do you know that God instructed that you must not bring an accursed thing into your home? You must not celebrate whatever God calls an abomination. This man was so philosophical that it was so difficult to win him in an argument and of course, he was far away from Christ. At the peak of his career, during a military junta in the country, he was put in detention. This spirit attacked everything that mattered most to this man and things began to fall apart gradually. He lost his job. While in detention, his health deteriorated and after few years when he was eventually released from detention, he was a ghost of himself. He eventually died in an uncompleted building full of artefacts; he had five of such uncompleted buildings, he never completed one. This is just to buttress the fact that this spirit is destructive in form and in its operations.

Until you begin to look at the word of God from practical things, that is, things that you can relate with, you might think that it is just a story, a fairy tale. Each time I went into deep intercession concerning any particular issue, spirits will arise indicating that behind every long-standing challenge you are facing, are spirits. Some of these spirits are stronghold spirits and if you don’t deal with that stronghold, any break through will be ephemeral.

Examine your life, examine your family. Are there some patterns you have observed? If those patterns are not consistent with the word of God, if they are not consistent with the blessings that God has reserved for you, don’t rationalize, confront them. It may well be that there is a curse. Some people call it bad luck but there is nothing like that in the Bible.

PRAY: Heavenly Father I worship you. I thank you for the many provisions you have made for my well- being here and here after. Grant me the grace to be all that you want me to be and accomplish all that you want me to accomplish. May I finish well and finish strong and enter my allotted inheritance in the Lord. I proclaim: ”I am blessed beyond any curse” in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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  • Puzzles of the Soul

    I love this post and I am grateful to see another condeming evil. The upholding the word of God/Divine. People do not understand about bringing cursed items into the home, nor do they understand about doing business with evil people, entering their homes and eating their foods. It is forbidden to do this. Also it is forbidden for a good soul to marry an evil one. The physical becomes contaminated at the most sacred point. Enjoying your posts.

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