Sunday service


The sad thing is that people are not only picking these things, some even pay huge sums of money to pick them. How do you think God will feel about this when he looks at the epitome of his creation, the epitome of his love. God said ‘let us make man in our image, after our likeness …”. Man was the apogee of the creation of God but because man got this position for doing nothing, man decided not to place enough value on what he has. This is not a new thing. The first evil seal man collected was from Adam.

The devil likes to throw things at people of God in order to derail the purpose of God and that is the reason why we need to be very wise. Joseph was on his own doing the bid of his master when his master’s wife decided to seduce him; he never invited her and when he said ‘No’ to her amorous appeal, Potiphar’s wife decided to be forceful and in the bid, Joseph escaped because he was a wise man, unfortunately, the woman was able to capture his shirt which she used to level a false accusation against him. What was going on in the mind of Joseph when he did this? He may have said ‘I have the seal of God on me; I cannot do this wicked thing. I must protect the seal.’ This story demonstrates how easy it is to collect an evil seal. Joseph was sent to prison but even in prison, the seal of God was still on him. May you never throw away the seal of God. The seal of God will take you from prison to the palace. May you never bow to satanic pressure in the name of Jesus. May you never throw away the seal of God in exchange for the leprosy that is in the seal of Lucifer in Jesus name.

The Lord told me something profound; he said in the final analysis, everyone will end up in the house of his or her owner. How does this work? When a lady gets married to a man of her choice, she is being rebranded; the first rebranding comes with change of name, her name immediately changes from the name of her father to the name of her husband and after the wedding, she will end up in the house of her husband. She is rebranded. She can no longer pay a visit to her father’s house without the express permission of her husband; she has now become a visitor in the very house where she was nurtured. This is a righteous branding anyway but the same is true in the negative sense. This is exactly how it is so you must be very careful about the seal you collect. Pray –

  • Father, I thank you for you love me so much that you placed a wonderful seal of ownership on me; a divine branding, that is what I am and I belong to you forever. Thank you Lord for the sign of ownership that you have put upon me, glory to your name. Help me, O God, never to compromise your branding for anything in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me, O God, to fall in love over and over again with you. May I never end up in the wrong place. Glorify your name in my life and keep me as the apple of your eye. Help me, O God, to finish in your house and help me ultimately to rendezvous with you in glory in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you mighty God.
  • I know that you have prepared a place for me, glorify your name, grant that where you have prepared for me is where I will be and help me to reign with you forever. Thank you for making me fearfully and wonderfully. Thank you mighty God in Jesus name. Amen.


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