We must appreciate God for this wonderful inheritance because it cost God his very best to save us. Salvation is free but not cheap. 2 Cor. 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new” (KJV). The original translation of the word ‘creature’ is ‘a new specie of human being’. If you are in Christ, you are a new specie of human being. This is a wonderful inheritance. However, there is an ‘if’, it is not automatic, it is predicated on your being in Christ and for this new specie of human being according to Rom. 8:1-2, “There is therefore now ‘no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus’, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” Make this declaration – No condemnation. I have a wonderful inheritance, I am in Christ Jesus. I am blessed beyond curse in Jesus name.

Are you in Christ Jesus? You are subject to the law of the Spirit of life; this law of the Spirit of life can only flow through Christ Jesus and that law supersedes the law of sin and death. Confess this – ‘Sin cannot have dominion over me because I am in Christ. Death cannot have dominion over me because I am in Christ, Glory to God!’ It was sin that brought the curse. Sin is disobedience to simple instructions that God gave you and with it came up all manner of curses and everything that is bad came as a result. Jesus came and paid the price on a once for all basis. We need not pay another price because Jesus said on the cross ‘it is finished’. It was a wonderful sacrifice. Run away from anyone who asks you to come and do any other redemption because that person is in error regardless of who he or she is. The Bible says, “ … there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.” (Heb. 10:26B).

One of the ways you can confirm if you are in a wrong place is anywhere you are asked to bring something in order for them to do something for you again. You cannot be redeemed with anything better than the sinless, precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It was a complete and comprehensive sacrifice; all you need is to appropriate, which means to download. God has blessed us with so much and it is time for Christians to recognize this and begin to celebrate it. We are blessed beyond curse. The greatest gift that God has for man is Christ and the greatest thing you can do for yourself is your connection to Christ. God’s prescription for every problem on earth; the solution to man’s problem is Christ.

PRAY:- Father I thank you so much for the salvation package you gave to man through your Son – Jesus Christ. Jesus I acknowledge you as my LORD and SAVIOUR. Help me to live for you all the days of my life until I become all you want me to be and accomplish all you want me to accomplish in your kingdom. I proclaim that through you I shall do valiantly. Amen.


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