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Comparative Analysis – Cain versus Abel

Everybody you come across is either a Cain or an Abel. Cain was the father of religious infidels; those who want to worship God according to their terms and not according to the revealed will of God, those looking for a God to use and not a God to worship. Such people are all over the place. Those who place other things in their hearts above or side by side God. Their God is a different god and not the God that created the heavens.

Abel was the father of faithful worshippers; true worshippers. God is still looking for true worshippers; those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. Your worship must proceed from a heart of love for it to be authentic before God. If you really love, giving will be an opportunity to celebrate the object of your love. David loved God so much so that he said he will never give God what cost him nothing; God responded to his display of love with generational blessings. The blessings of true worship of Jehovah are generational. One of the reasons why most Africans suffer today is because of the curse that follows idolatry. Most people are under the terrible curse of idolatry; the worship of the creature instead of the creator. God hates it and there is an automatic curse attached to it.

Cain was the father of those who serve God according to their personal terms; God will reject such service no matter the magnitude. God considers such a service as hay, wood and stubble and to such he will say ‘I know you not whence ye are, depart from me all ye workers of iniquity.’ This is because it is an unacceptable service. It matters how you serve God; the motive; the spirit will be weighed.

Abel is the father of those whose service to Jehovah is acceptable.

Cain was stubborn in spite of the warnings he received. God loved him so much that he warned him ahead of the consequences of what he was about to do. So, today, he is the father of stubbornness. You must get stubbornness out of your system. Stubbornness is a terrible thing; it is the spirit of goat. The worst people to pastor are stubborn people. Jesus didn’t come to pastor stubborn people, he came to pastor sheep. Nobody can help a stubborn ignorant person. When ignorance mixes with stubbornness, it produces stupidity; unfortunately, nobody can help a stupid person, not even God because God will never violate your will. Stubbornness is a self-destructive spirit which a lot of people are carrying. Take note that seals tell about spirits. if you tell me the seal you are carrying, I will tell you the spirit that is controlling you. Don’t forget that it is the spirit that controls you that will eventually take you home.

PRAY:- Dear heavenly father I worship you. I ask you to look into my life and make a person that worships you, the only Living God in spirit and truth in Jesus Name. Amen.


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