Sunday service


This testimony challenged me personally and I decided to do the same. I also had the same struggle that the young man had but decided to continue. Suddenly, the Lord began to provide supernaturally. It is God that gives seed to the sower. The moment you make up your mind to give God the best, God will make sure that you always have the best to give him. Before long, you too will become the best just because you gave God the best. This is a principle that works. The first person that gave us a generating set in this ministry has been blessed beyond measure; incidentally, he has continued to give generously to the ministry. You cannot out give God.

If you claim to love God and you are not a giver, check that love. If you give God rejects, you automatically make yourself a Cain. Abel gave God his best and became a true worshiper. Don’t be a Cain; don’t cheat yourself. The shortcut to destroying poverty is through giving, nothing more. The reason you don’t give is not because you don’t have; the reason you don’t have is because you don’t give. It pays to develop ‘only the best is good enough’ mentality towards God. Indeed, only the best is good enough for God. Pray –

  • Tell God that you are sorry in any way you have given him rejects.
  • Tell him to take away the evil seal of Cain that almost everyone carries.
  • Lord, I renounce the seal of Cain; giving you rejects; things that are useless and leftover. Lord, henceforth, please help me to always give you the best. You deserve the best. I declare that only the best is good enough for you the mighty God who love me so much that you gave me your best. Thank you faithful God. Help me to be a true worshipper in Jesus name. Amen.


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