The following are some of the seals that the paralyzed man needed to confront: –

  • The seal of infirmity. The man was paralyzed, he could not perform any task, he could not even stand, everything about him was paralyzed, he couldn’t function, he was just there. The Bible didn’t tell us how the man found himself in that situation; we just read that the man was paralyzed. You can imagine how a paralyzed man functions and what he depends on. Some of the little things we take for granted are not really little things at all. The fact that you can stand and walk on your own without assistance, the fact that you can sit, handle things with your hands must never be taken for granted; they are just by the grace of God and should constitute thanksgiving points. Many times we take these for granted. If you pay a visit to a hospital and see what people are battling with, you will appreciate God the more. There is a very close family friend, a medical practitioner who suddenly started losing her voice and before long, her voice was completely gone. Thankfully, God used an experienced surgeon to correct the defect; it was a successful surgery and her voice was restored. But this surgery cost her a fortune because the Surgeon had to be flown in from another country. So, how much is your speech worth? We take for granted the oxygen that we breathe in. Most of us can do things on our own without help or assistance, we can sing, we can see, we can use our legs, hands, fingers and so on. When was the last time you appreciated God for these little things? Pray –

Lord, I thank you, I bless and magnify your name, thank you so very much , thank you that I can touch, I can handle, I can stand on my feet, that I can talk, I can function, thank you for my life, thank you for giving me physical strength. Thank you for all my body organs functioning well, thank you Lord, I give you praise, I worship you, thank you, Lord, in Jesus name. Amen.

For this man to function, he needed assistance. Some people are functioning physically but are paralyzed spiritually. That again is an evil seal that needs to be destroyed. Any form of paralysis at all is dangerous. Paralysis incapacitates. Such people can function physically but good things collapse in their hands; they cannot hold on to things.

PRAY:- Eternal Rock of Ages, Most Holy God I stretch my hands to You. I ask You to deliver me from any form of physical and spiritual paralysis in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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