The seal of Distance. For a paralyzed man to move miles away from his home to his destination is an issue. For someone who is paralyzed to move to where he can receive help is a great barrier. Distance can be a very serious limitation. The seal of limitation called distance has debarred a lot of people from entering into big opportunities and that is one of the reasons why people relocate from one point to another. We can see this over and over again in the Bible. That was what led the children of Israel to Egypt in the first place; they went there as economic refugees in search of greener pasture. Human beings have the tendency to move to where they will receive succour, places where they can find good opportunities.

There may be things you are doing right now that are not yielding good results but if the distance factor is removed and you find yourself in another location, the situation will change. Your blessings are locational; there is a place called ‘there’ where God will meet with you. This is applicable to spiritual things too. Your assignment is locational. If God gives you an assignment, he gives you a place. Today, technology has helped in no small way in bridging the distance barrier; you can reach virtually every part of the world as a result of technology. There are people who are supposed to be superstars but are confined to their villages as local champions. Such people have never stepped out of their locality; everything they do is within the confines of the village where they reside, they are territorial champions and they feel good about it. As a matter of fact, some of them have never moved beyond 20 kilometers from their village. Every limitation as a result of distance will dissolve and disappear in the name of Jesus. If you intend to travel out of the country and your visa application is turned down, it constitutes a seal of limitation; a seal of limitation created by the spirit of Nimrod. Looking at this seal of limitation, you will see satanic agents that specialize in creating it all around you; they don’t want you to move beyond a particular limit.

I declare that the gates of nations shall never be shut against you anymore in Jesus name. Distance will no longer be a barrier to you in Jesus name. You will enter in the mighty name of Jesus. Every seal of limitation as a result of distance is destroyed in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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