Transportation. If the man would go anywhere, he needed to be transported somehow, he could not move, so it is wrong to presume that even if there was an opening, somewhere he would be able to walk in. The transportation issue was a barrier; he never had the means of transportation because he was paralyzed and just on one spot. However, his brain could function because the Bible never said that he couldn’t talk. Irrespective of whatsoever the enemy has done in your life, there is hope of total recovery. Your recovery is possible; full restoration is possible. Whatever the enemy has tampered with or damaged, the Lord will repair in the name of Jesus.

Crowd. The barrier called crowd is a strong factor. A lot of people allow the crowd to think for them. Quite a number of people have moved to take wrong decisions because of what the crowd is saying or as a result of the position the crowd has taken. It is presumed that the crowd will always take the right decisions but from experience, I can say categorically that the crowd almost always takes foolish decisions and most politicians capitalize on this. The crowd does not really think logically. There is what is called herd mentality ‘which describes a behaviour in which people act the same way or adopt similar behaviour as the people around them – often ignoring their own feelings in the process.’ May the limitation of crowd not debar you from accessing your blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. May the crowd never block you from the blessings that God has ordained for your life in Jesus name. You need to learn how to leave the crowd if you are going to be successful. Anybody who goes by the crowd will miss it. Warren Buffet, the American business magnate, always goes against the crowd. Whenever he sees the crowd coming into the stock market that is when he dumps and when the crowd is moving away, he moves in. if you learn to move against the crowd, you will stand out. There is nobody who moves with the crowd that can stand out. Anytime God wanted to do something special in Israel, he would call Moses apart. You cannot hear the voice of God in the crowd. Notice how Jesus reacted to the crowd. After ministering to the crowd, he went into hiding, dodging the crowd, he went into a solitary place to be alone with his Father. May the crowd not think for you again in the mighty name of Jesus. The crowd blocked the people carrying the paralyzed man from getting to the presence of Jesus. The crowd will always block people from beholding Jesus. If you allow the crowd to think for you, you will end up not seeing Christ.

PRAY:- Eternal Most Holy God I worship You. I ask You to help me to stand out so that I can hear you clearly. Grant me the grace to be prompt and complete in obedience to Your instructions and to the leading of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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