You cannot be violating God’s principles and order of things and still be claiming to be his child and still be talking about a wonderful inheritance when you have derailed like the prodigal son, you took a walk and have not returned. The Father is waiting for you to return. Break away from your evil associations. That is what this scripture is talking about. Burn the bridge. If you say you are a Christian, for goodness sake, be a child of God and he will be your Father. What business has a child of God with dagon? Tell me your association and I will tell you whether you are still standing.

What is it that you are holding onto that you should drop? If God walks into your bedroom, will he be happy with the materials he sees there? Are you a child of God only on Sunday morning? Are you comfortable in the midst of pigs? If you are, then you are already eating pig’s food, you have left the inheritance a long time and headed in the wrong direction on the way to hell. You need help! God has a wonderful inheritance for his children. In the practical school of the Holy Ghost, you don’t eat anyhow. To me, sanctification is not a theory, it is a lifestyle.


  • Lord, please help me, you know the areas where I am still struggling, you know the areas where I have compromised, you know the areas where I am weak, you know the areas where I have not measured up to your standards, even the standard of your word. I am sorry, in your mercy O God, please keep me, help me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • Lord, I depend on you. Your word is very clear that we should separate from evil association. Father, help me in the name of Jesus Christ to renounce and reject anything that is defiled, anything that is capable of short-circuiting your grace in my life, Lord, help me to break away from it for ever in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.


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