Sunday service


Decisions determine a lot of things: decisions determine wealth, decisions define destinies. The Bible is a book of decisions and that is why there are over three hundred ‘ifs’ in the Bible. Why the ‘if’? Because God does not want to make a robot out of you. Nothing stops God from giving you a marching order, a command. God didn’t do that because he does not want to violate your will. God is looking for those who will willfully obey him. Your will is your deciding self; your mind is your thinking self. God wants you to, out of your own volition; make the right decisions in line with his purpose for your life. When that happens, you will become unstoppable; you will become God’s favourite and the seal of God upon you will begin to speak. It is a seal of authority, a seal of dominion, a seal of success, the seal of plenty, of prosperity and of perfection.

If the king of the universe is your Father, what pact do you have with poverty? Jesus came to also redeem us from everything that the devil has damaged, so if sin brought the curse of scarcity and lack, the blood of Jesus is the blood of comprehensive redemption from poverty, scarcity and lack. The fact that the prosperity message has been overflogged does not mean that it is no longer effective. Jesus did not die so that you may be poor; he took your poverty away on the cross. No curse has any power to cross the cross of Christ. Poverty is an evil seal, destroy it. Pray –

  • Jesus, you came that I might have life and have it more abundantly; you shed your blood that you might destroy every work of the devil in my life. Poverty is one of the works of the devil that should be destroyed in every area of my life. Therefore, today, I raise the cross of Christ against you seal of poverty, I raise the cross of Christ against you seal of scarcity, I raise the cross of Christ against you seal of lack in the name of Jesus. I command you today, be utterly destroyed. The curse of poverty is destroyed. Generational poverty and situational poverty, I command you in the name of Jesus be utterly destroyed.
  • You seal of labour without benefit, you are utterly destroyed, by the crushing ministry of the blood of Jesus, I command every seal of scarcity, lack and poverty, be crushed in the name of Jesus.
  • I raise the blood of Jesus against you sponsors of poverty in my life, I raise the cross of Christ against any curse operating in any area of my life, I stand in the name of Jesus to break that curse right now, I break the curse of poverty, I break the curse of scarcity, I break the curse of lack, I break the curse of labour without benefit, I break the curse of unfruitfulness and I declare my freedom through the precious blood of Jesus. I am free indeed for the Son of God has made me free in Jesus name. Amen.


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