When having encounters, the first thing you will notice is that your spiritual antennae will be heightened. When he noticed what was going on in my mind- ‘who is this?’, he announced himself immediately. ‘I am the Holy Spirit of Christ, follow me’. I was immediately swept out of the bed but did not land on my feet; we literarily glided. His presence was so comforting and so sweet! He took me to a very massive field and made a move which was seemed like the sign of benzene in Chemistry, as he was doing this, I was following him and at the tip of it, he said, ‘stretch out your hand’, I did and he said, ‘receive the healing power of Christ’. It was as if a red hot iron was deposited in my palm and it started burning. He brought me back to my room and on his way out, he said, ‘you are not to use it now’. That was in 1985. This fire burnt in my palms for three days after which it left. When I eventually relocated to Lagos, I knew that my life was not going to be ordinary and that the best thing I could do was just to walk closely with God and surrender completely to him. It was not until seven years later, precisely in 1992 that this fire re-appeared and to the glory of God has continued to burn not only in my palms but in my legs as well. The fire of the presence of God is real and it is producing miracles, wonderful healings including raising of the dead over the phone. That is what the hand of God can do. Whenever you see demons being cast out of people, it is an evidence of not only spiritual healing but cleansing as well. We never established this ministry for the purpose of having services, it started as a healing ministry where we pray for people with challenges, and so it is not a Church thing. You can become so ‘churcious’ that you end up programming God out of your life. If the hand of God is upon you, everywhere you step into becomes a Church. You are an ark; in him we live and move and have our being! As such anywhere you appear, dagon must bow. I noticed that any where Jesus went, he was destroying evil seals in the lives of people. He was literarily rebranding people; removing evils seals and placing the seal of God on them. Jesus left us here to continue his works but are we really doing it? How many people have you rebranded since you became a born again Christian? To the glory of God, that gathering to pray for people with special needs has blossomed into a thriving fellowship that is impacting over one hundred and forty nations. There is no limit to which God can use you if the hand of God is with you. Do your really desire to be a healing agent in a sick world? Talk to God right now.

  • Lord, I desire to be a healing agent. Please heal me and make me a healing agent in this sick world. Use me to bring total liberation, use me to heal and bring restoration in the name of Jesus. Use me and fill me, help me and supernaturally empower me. Let your hand be with me everywhere I go. Make me for signs, make me for wonders. Transform me and make me a transformer, thank you Father, in Jesus name I pray.


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