You don’t need to translate before you start enjoying the wonders and the glories of heaven. And one of the ways to start enjoying it is to become a worshipper. The revelations in this discourse will make you to become a person of God’s presence in a deeper dimension. Every revelation you receive takes you closer to God; every revelation you receive makes you a vessel of honour fit for the Master’s use and your life will get better. Your motive matters a lot in whatever you do in God’s kingdom, the motive is the spirit. If the motive is not right, the spirit cannot be right. Pray –

  • Lord, grant me the grace to be a true worshipper, help me, O God, to worship you in spirit and in truth and I ask you to draw me closer to your presence in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, make me a person who is addicted to your presence and let the blessings of your presence increase and multiply in my life to overflow dimension.
  • I ask that you make my life to be impactful; make me all you want me to be and let your grace increase, abound and abide in every facet of my life. Thank you faithful God, in Jesus name I pray.

Text:  Josh. 4:24, “That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever.” The hand of God is the manifest presence of God. In theology, there is something called anthropomorphism. Anthrop has to do with man, so anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics and behaviour to a deity or divinity. God is so mighty, he is so big, so wonderful, so awesome, so dreadful that it is actually difficult to describe him adequately just like the first visible encounter I had with the Holy Spirit. It is very difficult to give an adequate description of what I saw, all I can say is that I saw stream of indescribable light but I knew that the light was a personality who could communicate and actually communicated with me. But in order to understand God better, we do attribute human body parts like eyes, ears and so on to him. When God is relating with us, he also uses human body parts to communicate with us. So, when we refer to the hand of God, we are actually referring to the manifest presence of the most high God.


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