Text: Luke 11: 21-22, Matthew 12:28-30


  • Bless the Lord who has been  good to us as a fellowship, individually and collectively, making it possible for us to continually gather on daily basis from the 18th of December. It is only by His grace. Lord I thank you for the grace to come into your presence. Blessed is everyone whom you choose and cause to approach unto you. You will answer us by your awesome deeds in righteousness for you are the God of our salvation. 

Things you do in God’s kingdom position  you for a blessing. He rewards every service you render. It is rewarding following God according to His terms. Call is so important that you need to hear God. It is the call of God and not the call of man. If man calls you, it is man that will reward you but God is the greatest rewarder. It is the person that hires you that will reward you. There is a general call and there is a specific call. God is going to mark you according to the details of the call. If we know this, we will tremble. It is a privilege to serve in the Kingdom of God. If man rewards man that he hires, you can imagine what God can do for those that serve Him. If we know this, it will be an incentive for greater service, an opportunity  to serve in God’s kingdom. This is no longer emphasized, the emphasis has shifted to celebrating money as the greatest need of the church. Money is the the least. The greatest need of the church is man. God, Himself said, ‘I looked for a man’. Man who is completely sold out to God. Man who loves God to the extent that the idea of substituting that love for anything else does not remotely exist in his heart. The healing of a nation starts from the church, the healing of the church starts from the home while the healing of the home starts from man. Today, most men are money chasers and no longer God- chasers. And so the church says “if you bring your money, we will make you a god. If you bring your gold we will make you a god”. That’s an error pattern and not a divine pattern. Man needs to return. Man started drifting from Eden. It was for the return of man that God had to send His son to bring man back to His original blue print. I don’t know why it is difficult to follow the blue print. People no longer keep vows and oaths. They easily violate the ordination and marriage vows even 24 hours after the ceremony. It is so easy to deviate from the blue print of God and this has serious spiritual implications. That’s why people fight battles they don’t know and they fight it for the rest of their lives. Any vow or oath you break, you attract curses,  and demons come to exert their pound of flesh.


  • Look inwards, Lord help me, in any way that I have ever broken a vow knowingly or unknowingly, I am sorry. In your mercy, forgive me. Look into my record for broken vows, Lord and rectify every broken vow that I have ever made. I am sorry and help me Lord never to break any vow in the name of Jesus. Grant me the grace Lord  to be perfect in keeping agreements in the name of Jesus. Help me to be established in the original blue print you have designed for my life and to walk in it all the days of my life.

I had an encounter after the program yesterday. I saw myself scoring goals with both legs. It was so easy that even when people were hailing me, it didn’t move me because it seemed like nothing to me. But I knew it was the result of a divine empowerment. Receive the supernatural empowerment to do the extra ordinary. We need the supernatural empowerment to tear the net and win the laurel.


  • Lord give me the ability to score goals and cancel every goal that the enemy has ever scored against me or my family in the realm of the spirit. Heavenly father empower me supernaturally to score the winning goal. Grant me the grace to excel in all my endeavours. Empower me with your spirit that dissolves every doubt. Supernaturally empower me in the name of Jesus. Let the flashes of heaven bring quick revelations to me. Thank you blessed Lord, I will not grope in darkness. Through you I shall do valiantly in Jesus’ name.


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