One action you take that heaven is pleased with is better than any other action. It is better to be on the side of God than to be on the side of man and miss heaven. Read Luke 11:21-22, Matthew 12: 28-30. Binding the strongman. This scripture has produced a lot of miracle in the fellowship. Every stronghold has a strongman and behind most long standing issues, there is s strongman. If you are able to break into the stronghold and literally bind the strongman, you will take delivery of all the blessings that the strongman has kidnapped. The strongman is “strong” and inside the stronghold is a strongman. Inside every stronghold, you have treasures. The strongman sends his demons to go and get those treasures  as in kidnap, conquer and confiscate. He will bring the spoil into his treasury and lock it up. If you are dealing with the strongman, you need to come from above.

There are some stronghold issues represented here that we need to pull down. After you have pulled down the stronghold, you need to deal with the strongman. If you fail to deal with the strongman, the strongman will build another stronghold. It is a matter of time because the strongman is a master builder. Many of them are empire builders. Nimrod was a strongman, he built many empires.Jesus gave us a weapon for dealing with the strongman. He said that we need to bind the strongman. Literally, I have put this to work and it has produced a far reaching result especially in deliverance issues. You command; “you strongman responsible for ……(mention the case) in the name of Jesus, I bind you. Standing on the word of God in Matt 18:18. Whatever I bind on earth is bound in heaven. I destroy your works”. You will see the strongman bow. When you bind the strongman, other demons will leave. In deliverance ministry, once you are able to conquer the strongman, other demons will manifest and you cast them out with ease. It is always good to start dealing with the strongman first because if you cast other demons out first, the strongman will still be there. You will be wasting your time and the person’s situation will get worse. Until you deal with the strongman, you will not have a major breakthrough. In this period of fasting and prayer, we need to optimise the blessings of fasting. During fasting, focus on dealing with the strongman and stronghold issues.  When we started this program,  we were dealing with a lot of purification, cleansing and renunciation, it is to get us to the point that we can stand and say in the name of Jesus we come against the strongman, we bind you , destroy  your works. The blood of Jesus is there for us as a weapon. Rev. 12:11, Rom. 16:20.

God Himself is interested in dealing with the strongman, reducing the strongman to where he belongs. This is the purpose,  the son of man was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil. It is time for the church to get into dealing with the stronghold issues and binding the strongman. You cannot run away from it if you want to have dominion. There are places you cannot break into unless you bind the strongman. There are levels of blessings you cannot burst into until you bind the strongman. There are destinies that are trapped that you cannot set free until you bind the strongman. There are many treasures you cannot access until you have broken the stronghold and bound the strongman and put him where he rightly belongs and begin to take booties of war. This is part and parcel of our privilege as children of  the living God that Jesus has mandated and has  given us the power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and power over all the powers of the enemy and has told us that nothing shall by any means hurt us. We stand in the authority of the believer and legislate and  there will be power and situations will change. There are things you do at certain times and you will have best results. All times are not equal. That is why I think is not right for anyone to fritter the opportunity of the last Friday of the year 2019. After today,  there will not be another Friday that will be 2019. The occultists know these things and they are always in their centers invoking, enchanting, to control, to manipulate destinies and to take possession in the year 2020. They have done the calculations, they have gazed into the stars and the children of God that should call the shot are gallivanting. They are still celebrating Christmas. Don’t let anything water the potency of the word of God in your life.

Let’s rise against opposition to the truth. We raise the blood of  Jesus against every opposition to the truth of the word of God. We come against every opposition to the truth by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony in Jesus name. We raise the blood of Jesus against any power that opposes the truth of the word of God in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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